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Chibi in the spin

Looks like someone was in the last batch of knickers on the Tardis....

Completely the fault of Kalleah on LJ. She even provided the sound effect of the chibi in the washing machine.

I'm such a chibi abuser.
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TheTimeWolf879's avatar
Poor shoe.....

btw your art is awsome!
vampdemon13's avatar
Reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes.
JesIdres's avatar
A wee bit, yeah.
KrazyKatt11's avatar
Maybe that's why they call 'em chucks...
KrazyKatt11's avatar
Sorry, I just couldn't resist.
RosalinaLumaWarrior's avatar
I just made the most unattractive snorting laugh in the world. Great art BTW
JesIdres's avatar
Oh dear.  I hope it was in private.
ScarlettNightShade's avatar
DOCTOR IN A WASHING MACHINE?!?! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
JesIdres's avatar
CHIBI doctor.  I dun think the full size one would fit.
Rainbow-Mufwin's avatar
He would fit. He'd be very uncomfortabe, but he would fit.

I wanna see that, full size Doctor in a washing machine.

Sounds like something that would happen to him.
ScarlettNightShade's avatar
I think the world needs more chibi Doctors. Good thing I've got A duplicator.
Xapn's avatar
Time Lord Technology. The Washing Machine is bigger on the inside. XD
Mini-Wolfsbane's avatar
So cute!!--Well, except the part about puking in the shoe. LOL!
JesIdres's avatar
HEE.  Well, yeah.  Thank you!
Lyrathelasttimelady's avatar
Oh poor big doctor. Now I'm just imagining him putting on his shoe a being disgusted completely after a great day in the library. Poor thing :(
JesIdres's avatar
The perils of chibis, mate.
Rebelartist92's avatar
No! Not in the Sneaker!
JesIdres's avatar
Perigwen-f0ab's avatar
May I use chibi doc and rose occasionaly?
JesIdres's avatar
I can't control what people do on their own, but I do ask that people not trace/use my own artwork.
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