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The beach was pleasant, a cool breeze from the mid morning air going about making things cooler than they normally would, not that the small splice grem would notice as she gripped her mother’s hand tight while jumping up and down, “Beach mama! It’s big!” Pleasance laughed and looked up to her mother with big eyes.

“It is indeed, do you want to play in the sand first, or try the water?” The older grem hummed to her daughter, looking around for a place to set up their stuff as she listened to her daughter talk.

The little grem looked out at the waves going back and forth calmly on the beach front, though it was in no means large, to the much smaller child it was big enough to make her nervous which caused her to give out a small whine and tug at her mom, “I don’t know...“

Laying out their beach towels and setting up the umbrella, Pleasance’s mother patted her child’s head and gave a gentle smile, “Does the water scare you dear? I promise you everything will be fine. Why don’t we try to tell the ocean good morning?”

Pleasance looked to the water, then back to her mom with a worried frown, keeping quiet. That only made her mother let out a small giggle, “Don’t worry, I’ll be right next to you the entire time!” And started to guide Pleasance towards the water, but instead of going right in, her mother sat them down a little away from the tide, “Not why don’t you stick your hands out and just wait. Like this!” Showing her little grem how to do so, “Quick now.”

Listening to her mother, even if still nervous, Pleasence stuck her hands out and watched the water come towards them. Before it hit she closed her eyes and whimpered only to feel the warm water hit her hands and knees gently before residing back into the large ocean. Pleasance opened her eyes with a big gasp, then waited again, watching but this time not closing her eyes and getting excited as the water hit her hands, “Mama look!” She giggled. Not even noticing the click of a camera catching the wonderful moment.

The sudden sound of children laughing as they ran by snapped a now grown Pleasance from her remeresance of a memory long ago, looking to her father, “Sorry papa, what did you say?” They were arm and arm as they walked along the street to head for the beach.

“Oh- just seems we came at a bad time, it’s a grey day and the ways seem less calm for swimming.” Maximus scratched at his cheek and sighed, “We can still go sea shell hunting down near the rocks! At least until it starts raining.”

“I’m fine with that papa, don’t need to swim to enjoy the beach. I still feel bad for Lane, getting so jet lagged on our first day. Maybe we'll get lucky and tomorrow we can all go to a sunny beach?” Pleasance giggled.

“I sure do hope so!” The two started down some stairs and soon their feet were met with sand, “I knew coming in spring wouldn’t be ideal, if only I didn’t have to take that damn summer tour.” Maximus sighed.

Pleasance let go of her father’s arm, “Wasn’t it a wonderful deal to be offered?” She started to walk ahead towards the beachfront while Maximus dug through his bag.

“Well of course it was! Just annoying our usual summer plans have to get turned around for it.” He chuckled then looked ahead at his daughter who was now staring out at the ocean with a gentle expression. Getting the camera out in enough time, he was able to take a picture, though the click alerted Pleasance and made her look to Maximus, “Pictures already?”

“I couldn’t help it, you looked a lot like your mother, I wanted to capture the moment.” His words grew quiet towards the end, looking down at the old camera, “This place was one of her favorites, along with this silly old style camera!” Maximus laughed as he looked back to his still smiling daughter.

“I think mom had a lot of favorites though, huh?” Making the two laugh more before they stopped, feeling small rain drops start to come down on them.

Maximus whined, “Already!? We didn’t even get to look for sea shells.”

“We better head back and try for tomorrow.”

“Yes of course!” Maximus turned back and stashed the camera in his bag, huffing and walking with a small pout as he did. The whole scene only made Pleasance laugh a bit more, heading for the stairs back up to the street, stopping to look back out at the quiet beach starting to become more swift with the weather. Still the memory flashed back for a moment once more, she could see her mother out there with the camera taking pictures, a big smile on her face. So Pleasance did the same as she turned to catch up to her father, looking forward to tomorrow.


Features;… (A splice grem hint the mother)
and… (adoptive father)

This was really fun to write, despite if being a bitter sweet subject.

Pleasance and Maximus (c) Jesi-Jess
Grem 2 (c) @/Mrgremble
Copyright notice by AngelLale87
© 2021 Jesi-Jess
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