Jessica's High School Days Part 4 (GTS Vore)

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Warning: This story contains oral, soft, G/t vore and digestion. If you don't like any of this stuff, please leave. Thank you.

If you haven't read the first three parts yet, I suggest doing so before you start reading this.

Feeling the doctor and nurse on her tongue, Jessica felt nervous and breathed heavily as her heart started pounding fast.

"Calm down, Miss Jessica." the doctor said, trying to get her to relax. "We're only doing this for your sake."

"I know that," replied Jessica, "but I... I'm not used to eating real tinies. I mean, I used to play with proper food when I was a kid, and I remember being told off by a teacher for doing that back in primary school, but... real tinies like you? I-I have a feeling you might hurt me as well, even if you are willing."

"Don't worry." said the nurse. "You're not in Inferno City, and the doctor here and I are not so easy to digest, so you'll be alright."

Relieved, Jessica slowly tilted her head back and gently swallowed the doctor and the nurse.

They landed in her stomach, turned on their flashlight, and looked around. They saw what was left of Bradley, and the damage he did on her stomach walls. They both looked at each other and shook their heads.

"Do you two see anything in there?" Jessica asked, looking down at her own belly.

"Yes," said the doctor, "but it's not pretty."

"We can see the bruises all over your stomach wall, as well as the remains of the criminal you ate and digested." the nurse added.

"Ooh... and I'm not like anyone my size." Jessica replied.

"Yes, we can see that." the doctor said. "Looks like we're gonna have to heal your stomach walls before the bruises grow bigger."

Jessica slowly and gently sat down and laid back, being careful not to hurt anyone or destroy anything, and relaxed while the doctor and the nurse rubbed and healed her stomach walls.

Around five minutes later, by the time they finished, Bradley's remains were gone.

"Is my stomach all better now?" Jessica asked.

"Yes," said the nurse, "but the criminal's corpse is not here anymore. It must've moved to your intestines while we were healing you."

"So you can still eat us tinies," the doctor added, "but only those who are willing."

"So... no unwilling tinies for me then?" Jessica asked.

"I suppose you can put it that way." replied the doctor.

Jessica felt relieved and thankful, and let the doctor and the nurse out the same way they got in.

To be continued... hopefully...

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