Jessica's High School Days Part 3

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Warning: This story contains oral, soft, G/t vore and digestion. If you don't like any of this stuff, please leave. Thank you.

If you haven't read the first two parts yet, I suggest doing so before you start reading this.

"Gahhh!!! I... I don't know how any girl my size would find this part enjoyable, but it's hurting so much!" Jessica yelled in agony from the kicking and punching and struggling inside as she held onto her belly, while the villager that came to aid her started to climb up to her belly.

"Don't worry, Miss Jessica." he replied. "I've seen some other giantesses have this same problem, so you're not the only one."

"Oh, that's good." Jessica said, almost completely relieved.

"The Ambulance should be on their way now, despite someone else calling them," the villager told her, "but until they get here, I'll help you digest that criminal in there. Oh, my name is Robert, by the way."

"Oh, thank you so much! I really appreciate the help." Jessica said, blushing yet smiling. "And very nice to meet you, Robert."

And so, with the help from Robert, Jessica hit her belly not too hard, but hard enough for Bradley to lose his consciousness. Her stomach walls may have had bruises all over, but within the next few hours, the criminal was finally digested.

And just in time, the Ambulance arrived.

"Hello, Miss Jessica." The doctor said as he came out of the van with the nurse. "We're here to check your stomach and see the damage inside."

"Uh, thanks, you two, but how will you do that?" Jessica asked, curiously.

"Get me and the doctor in your belly, and we will have a look." The nurse replied. "In other words, eat us."

"Uh, okay." Jessica said as she slowly picked up the doctor and the nurse, and put them in her mouth.

To be continued... sometime...

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