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Untitled/Prompt 3
"What's it like outside."
"It's getting colder. The leaves have fallen from the trees and are covered in the first snow. It's nothing interesting."
"Sounds pretty."
"Not really. It's much nicer inside. How are you feeling?"
"Really? What's so nice about being inside?"
" It's warmer. I don't know. It's nicer with you. How are you feeling?"
"I'm not so nice though."
"What do you mean? You're wonderful."
"I hate that about you."
"What? That I think you're wonderful?"
"That you lie all the time."
"You think I'm lying?"
"Come on now. I don't lie to you. Tell me though, How are you feeling? Are you hungry?"
"No, you do. All the time. It's not pretty inside."
"Okay, what an I do to make it prettier for you?"
"You should be outside."
"But I don't want to be outside."
"How are you feeling?"
"What's it like outside?"
"How are you feeling?"
"I love you."
"I have to go."
"Will you be okay?"
"You should stay outside."
"It's too cold. I'll be back for
:iconjeshi-chan:Jeshi-chan 1 0
The way she tapped her foot on the ground was graceful; Her blue-green tights moving fluidly to the beat she listened to in her head. She gently rested her chin on a delicate white hand, and when she wrote, her fingers danced. The blonde of her hair reflected sunlight, making it nearly golden. Her smile revealed white, straight, and glistening teeth. She was beautiful.
And he hated her.
Every time his eyes laid on her, his teeth would clench and his stomach would tighten. His breath caught in his chest as she walked. Her smile would stab his heart, the pain bringing tears and fire to his eyes.
He wanted to tear her apart; to ruin her. He wanted to rip the blue-green tights and pull out that shit-golden hair. He wanted to make her skin ugly with tears and blood, to break her teeth so she could never smile that dirty grin again. He wanted her to die screaming in pain; he wanted to dissect her. He wanted to show the world the ugly insides she has. Her blood black venom, her lungs thickly
:iconjeshi-chan:Jeshi-chan 1 0
Mature content
Redness :iconjeshi-chan:Jeshi-chan 0 0
Suddenly, standing over the bathroom sink.
Breathing in the sour air, filling up on my despair
brittle lungs burn like the tears on my face
still, is there no other better place? I lose my place like I lose myself in your eyes, like I lose myself in my lies, like I lose myself in my anxiety
I can't breathe.
I want the best for you, but that isn't me and I'm too selfish to let you leave I am sorry. I am sorry for feeling like I am right all the time but when these feelings overtake me like the waves of the sea I get stranded. I am branded by my past I have handed myself over to the enemy side, my emotions. Feel me. My pain is as intense as the setting sun and my blood is as red as your bright red lips I hold you too closely. I am terrified of my own personality but I will never tell you this. But I have.
I will never apologize for who I am but I will apologize for hurting you and for the love of god please don't hurt me more than I hurt myself because I am already bad for my health.
Sometimes I wonder how we can go through this
:iconjeshi-chan:Jeshi-chan 1 0
Unmotivated Depression
Anxiety burned in him like a fire, and he didn't know how to put it out.
Vaguely remembering the breathing exercises he'd seen in pamphlets before, he took a deep breath.
doesn't oxygen make fires worse?
He gave up after the second breath.
The digital clock blared 6:06pm, and Nathan shut his eyes. His lamplight burned his face like his anxiety burned his chest, but he made no motion to move it.
The next time he opened his eyes, it was 6:17. He watched the dust particles lazily flow in and out of the light, and he wondered how much dust coated the insides of his lungs. Its not like he used them often.
The sun was setting, and soon the only light the room had was the hot lamp. His heartbeat was so slow and faint that he could swear, could swear he felt those light particles hit him, each individual photon.
He lost track of time. His lungs felt like he inhaled some of those hot light particles. Maybe he did.
He fell asleep for awhile, he wasn't sure for how long. The ceiling was st
:iconjeshi-chan:Jeshi-chan 0 0
Underneath the five o'clock morning glow, his face was soft and calm. His breath was slow and tickled my shoulder, whispering good mornings and sweet love letters as he slept. The fact that I hadn't slept a single minute didn't at all subtract from how content I was now. If I was quiet enough, I could hear his heartbeat.
Another hour will pass before he'll roll over, pull me closer, and remind me that I am beautiful and perfect and everything he could possibly want, and more. For now, though, I will lay quietly and trace my fingers over the face of someone I am so undeserving of calling mine.
:iconjeshi-chan:Jeshi-chan 3 16
Mature content
Nine :iconjeshi-chan:Jeshi-chan 1 8
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United States
Currently seventeen, I'm aspiring to be a some form of psychologist. In addition, I want to be a horror and macabre photographer. Right now, I'm just trying out my Nikon D40, whom I refer to as Mi Amor, and playing around with it, so when I do have the time, money, and patience to go into some hardcore photography, I'll know what I'm doing.
For now, though, I post my best photography of friends and such.

Current Residence: The Windeh Citeh.
Favourite genre of music: Rock/Screamo/Emo/Alternative
Favourite photographer: TheMalletsKid, DemonPig, Xerces, RockstarVanity
Favourite style of art: abstract, scenery, horror & macabre, & portraits.
Operating System: my brain.
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Wallpaper of choice: Anything related to Doctor Who or Misha Collins.
Skin of choice: The kind that's jumped the border.
Favourite cartoon character: Deidara & Kakashi from "Naruto" & "Naruto Shippuden."
Personal Quote: For he on honeydew hath fed, And drunk the milk of Paradise...


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