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This is an older game system - the old TSR 'Classic' Marvel Superheroes game - the game mechanics are a bit cruder, and the layout isn't as spiffy as M&M's but a lot of material was published, making it one of the most comprehensive Marvel Universe series ever put out.  It's also one of the only versions to quantify entity-level beings as high as Eternity and the Beyonder.

A lot of the official books are still available on line - notably at the Classic Marvel Forever site.

I've compiled all my own entries into a single volume - so it's a big file - nearly a thousand pages, so I hope it's not too big for the site, but it might take a minute to download.
(Download button is on the right)

And here's the shameless plug for the latest novels:

The e-books are free on Kindle.

BLACKFISH/WHITE POINTER - Jaws vs Orca!… (e-book)

KOMODO - shipwrecked on an island overrun with Komodo dragons

AGE OF MONSTERS - Dinosaur/Kaiju Apocalypse…  (e-book)

BLACKFISH DOWN - Orca's escape a containment/rehab facility… (e-book)

HYBRID VIGOR - a giant hybrid croc menaces the Everglades… (e-book)

WHITE POINTER - recurring attacks on a surf beach   (e-book)

SURFACE PREY - a marathon swim through shark infested waters for a million dollars (e-book)

EXTINCTION: DRAGONS OF EARTH - After the Dinosaur/Kaiju Apocalypse, aliens invade…  (paperback)


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Ooh, new MSH goodies. Can't wait to take a look at this after work!