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From clockwise rotation:

Shikyou (Rin Kagamine): aka the goddess, apparently try to prevent Akari and Mai from meeting each other. From the song Shikyou the amanojaku, she likes to behead others heads.

Funny fact about amanojaku:

Emi (Miku Hatsune) : aka the "hero". Ruined Shikyou's plan by playing cupid towards the couple (Mai and Akari).

Mai Shishikusa (GUMI) : aka the cannibal conchita. She had been cursed for generation to eat other people. Apparently she once been kidnapped by Akari's familyprobably tortured her before going rampage and eating everyone and their mom

Akari Oborodzuka (Miku Hatsune) : aka the kitsune. She had been kidnapped and murdered by Mai's mom but before that happened, she cursed her family to continue the strange habits of eating people for generations. Has power to make people hurt themselves and power to return back from death

Ryou Shishikusa (GUMI) : aka the crazy bitch entertainer. She is Mai's mom that killed Akari in front of the theater's audiences. Her actions leads her to watch Mai ate her father before she eaten her own mom. She has a spider tattoo on her waist. Apparently never believe on gods.

Thanks for :iconpuppylover35: ,:iconshishikusas: and onibiness for their infomation about these characters and series! Without them the onibi fans would never known about this series!  

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The chibi style belongs to Tamara from EC.

Kitsune no Hanashi belongs to MasaWorksDesign.
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