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[Rant] Please Respect Your Fellow Artists
(Bumping this because it's relevant again.)
("Intent vs. Impact" - while this journal is not specifically about harassment, the theme is the same. Source.)
It's come up time and time again among the community, but I've been receiving a bunch of comments about it more often lately...
Please respect your fellow artists. 
Making comments like: 
"I wish I could afford this."
"I wish I had the money/points."
"Too bad this is so expensive, otherwise I would buy it."
"I would trade my [soul/organ/other body part] for this."
"I only have ___ points."
Is very rude to the artists you're speaking to, regardless of your intention. Instead of trying to "compliment" the artists you admire by telling them how poor you are and how you can't afford their artwork, try positive comments, like: 
"Your artwork
:iconfloramisa:floramisa 46 22
Journal + adoptables
Hello I'm Mage, I'm a former moderator of the avatar-forum community:
Recently avatars made using's avatar program have made their way onto DeviantArt in the form of adoptables, some of them being sold or exchanged for DA points, art, or other adoptables.
Per's fair use policy you are allowed to use avatars so long as you don't claim to have made them yourself and don't impose any additional restriction on how others use them.
Donations are of course encouraged to support item artists, but just inviting other users to the site is nice too.
However, some less than honest users are deliberately taking forum user's avatars and selling them to DA users and this is both unfair to the forum users who have spent a lot of time making their own designs and original characters and DA users who mistakenly purchase these designs thinking the user who sold them to created them themselves or had permission. We could run in circles all day about what is technically le
:iconmage-class:Mage-Class 36 37
Let's talk about Fair use and maker adopts.
This is mostly referring to a site called RECOLOR.ME. It's a very cool site with tons of variety and I urge you to join it but anyways
People on dA have been recently getting harassed and accused of stealing or breaking 'copyright laws'. I'm not fond of inappropriate drama so here's my thoughts. 
 Read the FAIR USE policy. What is fair use? don't know? click here [ ]
On their website, it EXPLICITLY states:
You are free to share, copy, and redistribute any avatar or image.
You may also freely make any changes or modifications to these images.
Crediting and/or the designer(s) is optional.
All avatar images (human, ghost, and robot) and item images are considered public domain. The images are free for any use under the following conditions:
You may not claim credit for the creation the images unless you created them.
You may not make additional conditions or terms
:iconoplnions:Oplnions 5 3
Closed species theft: A brief history
To keep things short, this is a compilation of closed species owners who have blatantly stolen concepts from either open species or someone else's characters
If anyone has any suggestions to add another incident here, note me. Usernames will not be typed out in this journal, and this is a PSA journal, not a call out.
1. Nekojins copying Pawadachi
The creator still denies it's a clear and cut heavy inspiration. It has gotten to the point where people refuse to take commissions of 'nekojins'. 
Pawadachi were originally a closed species made in 2016, and was made open late 2017. Afraid of being in drama with the bigger creator who stole their idea, the original owner of pawadachi caved in and said to just not get involved (in fear of the theft using her own followers to attack the poor girl). To this day, nothing has been done about the rip off and people continue to support a closed species that was not their idea to begin with!
:iconoplnions:Oplnions 1 0

The amazing arts/resources that make me feel good after see it. Emoji 27 by Emoji-icon Emoji06 by Emoji-icon



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Why 21ku Injang is so fuck up bastard?

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