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I am the princess of procrastination.

I am. Ask any of the few people who know me. It should be my permanent life title. lol

Getting ready to head to NJ on wednesday for 6 weeks (or so) to spend time with my mom. Am I packed?  No.  Have I started packing? If you consider throwing some socks and a pair of walking shoes in my suitcase starting to pack. So I have two days to clean up around here so it's not messy when I get home (bathroom, laundry, towels, bedding etc plus ) and to pack and organize ( what's that? ) everything. Plus the regular everyday stuff.

I know better. I put my suitcase out a week ago to start putting stuff in. I had good intentions. Really. lol

Also I'm a clutz. I spilled soda on my ergonomic keyboard and it went all weird. Kept spitting out 7s. So I am typing on a regular one. And my arms are so sore and I keep typing wrong and have to back up and retype it because I hit the wrong keys. I'm hoping it will dry out. I can't really afford a new one just now even if they aren't that much money.

I am taking my backed up photos with me to NJ. One of these days I will upload pictures. I've been meaning to. For awhile. But as I said. I am a bit of a procrastinator. So they might not get uploaded just yet. lol

Also I want to thank Moonbeam13 for including several of my family and friends names for her walk this past weekend. It's meant very much and my mom was very honored to be included. :hug:
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pixelpretty Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hope you get it all packed soon dearest, have an awesome trip and enjoy yourself. hugs and smooches:)
allwaysjudee Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You wrote, you wrote!! :faints:

Wow, great to see you in here, honey, and do get some of your beautiful photos up. I know, miss Princess Procrastinator, I won't hear of you procrastinating any longer! Lol, you have the photos, so get them on here!

Great to see you here!! :hug:
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September 9, 2007