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Not 30 minutes after posting my last journal update we got a call from my mom's gp.

The blood tests she took on Monday all came back fine except the one that is the marker for ovarian cancer which which was elevated. Normal is 21 he said (though I read normal was less than 35 so I don't know now). But what is bad is that she had been hovering around 12 and this time it was 36.  :cry:

So the relieft lasted about 24hours and we never did get to celebrate before having to worry again about the unknown.

Her gp will fax the information to her oncologist and she'll call him on Monday to find out what we do next.

She was having a wonderful day. We all were. So many ups and downs.  It's just so hard.
InfinitiesEnd Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2007
Ugh - I am so sorry, sis. :(
That is so awful that you were told everything was fine - and then this.
*big hugs*
But don't lose hope, as the comment above said, this won't beat you guys.
jjean21 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2007
Oh my lord Mel...I can't believe must be just emotionally wrung out both of you with the ups and downs. I'm sorry to hear this latest news as I was ready to celebrate right along with you. However I know you're both fighters and this latest will not beat either of you. *hug*
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February 2, 2007