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List of the masked characters and their deadliest B-Damans:

Death King Ω's B-Damans:
  • Stinger Scorpion by JerryKhorStinger Scorpias (Immortal) > (Dark Super Saiyan Immortal)
  • Mega Diabros by JerryKhorMega Diabros (Immortal) > (Dark Super Saiyan Immortal with Plastic Bottle Magazine)
  • Alpha Bahamut by JerryKhorAlpha Bahamut (Immortal)  Omega Bahamut by JerryKhorOmega Bahamut (Dark Super Saiyan Immortal)
  • Destroy Dragon by JerryKhorDestroy Dragon (Immortal) > (Dark Immortal Mystic Power)
  • Triple Gillusion by JerryKhorTriple Gillusion (Immortal) > (Dark Super Saiyan Immortal with Cyclone Magazine)
Death Queen 
Ψ's B-Damans:
  • Eternal Eclipse by JerryKhorEternal Eclipse (Immortal) > (Dark Immortal Mystic Power)
  • Evil Levioth by JerryKhorEvil Levioth (Immortal) > (Dark Immortal Mystic Power)
  • Smash Dragold by JerryKhorSmash Dragold (Immortal) > (Dark Super Saiyan Immortal with Tornado Magazine)
  • Left Stallion by JerryKhorLeft Starion (Immortal)
  • Right Drake by JerryKhorRight Drake (Immortal)
Death Lord 
Σ's B-Damans:
  • Kenig Cerberus by JerryKhorKönig Cerberus (Immortal)  Stag Cerberus by JerryKhorStag Cerberus (Dark Super Saiyan Immortal)
  • Striker Gemini by JerryKhorStriker Gemini (Immortal)  Hammer Gemini by JerryKhorHammer Gemini (Dark Super Saiyan Immortal)
  • Knight Cavalry by JerryKhorKnight Cavalry (Immortal)  Lord Cavalry by JerryKhorLord Cavalry (Dark Super Saiyan Immortal)
  • Black Knight by JerryKhorBlack Knight (Immortal)
Death Jack 
η's B-Damans:
  • Galaxy Fortress by JerryKhorGalaxy Fortress (Immortal)
  • Gill Scorpion by JerryKhorGill Scorpion (Immortal)
  • Kreis Raydra by JerryKhorKreis Raydra (Immortal)
Death Jack ρ's B-Damans:
  • Burst Orion by JerryKhorBurst Orion (Immortal)
  • Impact Shark by JerryKhorImpact Shark (Immortal)
  • Dashing Tankshell by JerryKhorGatling Deathshell (Immortal)
ζ's B-Damans:
  • Burning Atlas by JerryKhorBurning Atlas (Immortal)
  • Dragogale by JerryKhorDragogale (Immortal)

  • Super B-Daman (C) & TM: Takara
  • Battle B-Daman (C) & TM: Takara
  • Crash B-Daman (C) & TM: Takara
  • Cross Fight B-Daman (C) & TM: Takara
  • Cross Fight B-Daman eS (C) & TM: Takara
  • Listening to: Video game musics
  • Reading: Cooking book
  • Watching: Video games
  • Playing: Video games
  • Eating: Ice-cream
  • Drinking: 100 Plus
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Submitted on
February 21, 2017