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List of the characters and their B-Damans:

:iconjerrykhor:'s favorite B-Damans:
  • Fighting Phoenix by JerryKhorFighting Phoenix  Battle Phoenix by JerryKhorBattle Phoenix (Super Saiyan)  Combat Phoenix by JerryKhorCombat Phoenix (Super Saiyan II)  Guardian Phoenix by JerryKhorGuardian Phoenix (Super Saiyan III)  Speeder Phoenix by JerryKhorSpeeder Phoenix (Super Saiyan God)  Vanguard Phoenix by JerryKhorVanguard Phoenix (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan)  Smash Phoenix by JerryKhorSmash Phoenix (Super Saiyan Neo God Super Saiyan) Co-legacy Hero
  • Cobalt Blade by JerryKhorCobalt Blade  Cobalt Saber by JerryKhorCobalt Saber (Super Saiyan)  Cobalt Saber Fire by JerryKhorCobalt Saber Fire (Super Saiyan God)  Cobalt Blaster by JerryKhorCobalt Blaster (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan)  Cobalt Blaster Drive Cannon by JerryKhorCobalt Blaster Drive Cannon (Super Saiyan Neo God Super Saiyan) Co-legacy Hero
  • Magnum Ifrit by JerryKhorMagnum Ifrit  Justice Ifrit by JerryKhorJustice Ifrit (Super Saiyan Excel) Co-legacy Hero
  • Thunder Dracyan by JerryKhorAccel Dracyan  Rising Dracyan by JerryKhorRising Dracyan (Super Saiyan Excel) Co-legacy Hero
  • Drive Garuburn by JerryKhorDrive Garuburn  Spike Phoenix by JerryKhorSpike Phoenix (Super Saiyan Ace) Legacy Hero
:iconlorenzolivrieri:'s favorite B-Damans:
  • Wild Wyvern by JerryKhorWild Wyvern  Valiant Wyvern by JerryKhorValiant Wyvern (Super Saiyan)  Spread Wyvern by JerryKhorSpread Wyvern (Super Saiyan II)  Flash Wyvern by JerryKhorFlash Wyvern (Super Saiyan God) Co-hero
  • Chrome Zephyr by JerryKhorChrome Zephyr  Chrome Raven by JerryKhorChrome Levan (Super Saiyan)  Chrome Raven Cyclone by JerryKhorChrome Levan Cyclone (Super Saiyan God)  Chrome Harrier by JerryKhorChrome Harrier (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan) Co-hero
  • Lightning Dravise by JerryKhorRev Dravise  Sonic Dravise by JerryKhorSonic Dravise (Super Saiyan Excel) Hero
:iconnikospapaki:'s favorite B-Damans:
  • Cool Helios by JerryKhorCool Helios Co-hero
  • Wing Ninja by JerryKhorYokueimaru  Wing Sword by JerryKhorYokujinmaru (Super Saiyan) Co-hero
  • Blitz Garuda by JerryKhorBlitz Garuda  Mach Garuda by JerryKhorMach Garuda (Super Saiyan Excel) Co-hero
  • Strike Dragren by JerryKhorForce Dragren  Force Dragren by JerryKhorAssault Dragren (Super Saiyan Excel) Hero
:iconcopdisbong:'s favorite B-Damans:
  • Blast Griffon by JerryKhorBlast Griffon Co-hero
  • Lightning Kahn by JerryKhorBloody Kaiser  Blazing Kahn by JerryKhorBlazing Kaiser (Super Saiyan)  Variable Kaiser by JerryKhorVariable Kaiser (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan) Co-hero
  • Eclipse Dragon by JerryKhorEclipse Dragon Co-hero
  • Double Drazeros by JerryKhorTwin Drazeros  Stream Drazeros by JerryKhorStream Drazeros (Super Saiyan Excel) Hero
:iconchevyrw:'s favorite B-Damans:
  • Right Eagle by JerryKhorRight Eagle  Phantom Eagle by JerryKhorPhantom Eagle (Super Saiyan God) Co-hero
  • Bakuso by JerryKhorBakusouryu  King Bakuso by JerryKhorSouryuoh (Super Saiyan)  Comet Dragon by JerryKhorSuiseiryu (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan) Co-hero
  • Rave Pegasus by JerryKhorRave Pegasus Shining Pegasus by JerryKhorShining Pegasus (Super Saiyan Excel) Co-hero
  • Thunder Leo by JerryKhorSpin Leohjya  Jet Leo by JerryKhorJet Leohjya (Super Saiyan Excel) Hero
:iconkirkseven:'s favorite B-Damans:
  • Left Lion by JerryKhorLeft Lion  Phantom Lion by JerryKhorPhantom Lion (Super Saiyan God) Co-hero
  • Rekuso by JerryKhorRekkouryu  King Rekuso by JerryKhorKouryuoh (Super Saiyan)  Meteor Dragon by JerryKhorRyuseiryu (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan) Co-hero
  • Shade Wyvern by JerryKhorShade Wyvern Reflect Wyvern by JerryKhorReflect Wyvern (Super Saiyan Excel) Co-hero
  • Lightning Scorpio by JerryKhorRoll Sasword  Mach Scorpio by JerryKhorMach Sasword (Super Saiyan Excel) Hero
:iconxxkenthewolfxx:'s favorite B-Damans:
  • Mirage Eagle by JerryKhorMirage Eagle Co-hero
  • Go-Tiger by JerryKhorGo-Tiger Co-hero
  • Strike Tigare by JerryKhorRound Tigare Hero
:iconjohneugene:'s favorite B-Damans:
  • Stag Sphinx by JerryKhorStag Sphinx  Powered Sphinx by JerryKhorPowered Sphinx (Super Saiyan God) Co-hero
  • Revolver Hades by JerryKhorRevolver Hades  Gatling Hades by JerryKhorGatling Hades (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan) Co-hero
  • Iron Odin by JerryKhorIron Odin Co-hero
  • Lightning Diles by JerryKhorLoading Diles Co-hero
  • Detonate Wolg by JerryKhorGunlock Wolg Hero
:iconmilkitalix:'s favorite B-Damans:
  • Hunting Lynx by JerryKhorHunting Lynx Co-hero
  • Helio Breaker by JerryKhorHelio Breaker Co-hero
  • Sturm Griffon by JerryKhorSturm Griffon Co-hero
  • Drift Jaku by JerryKhorDrift Jacker Hero
:iconharejules:'s favorite B-Damans:
  • Nautilus Poseidon by JerryKhorNautilus Poseidon Co-hero
  • Break Ogre by JerryKhorBreak Ogre Co-hero
  • Lightning Fin by JerryKhorOne-Sided Sharks Co-hero
  • Slot Stinger by JerryKhorSlot Beedle Hero
:iconwasted-art:'s favorite B-Damans:
  • Blade Orochi by JerryKhorBlade Orochi Co-hero
  • Samurai Phoenix by JerryKhorHououmaru Co-hero
  • Strike Cobra by JerryKhorStroke Orochi Hero
:iconshreydan:'s favorite B-Damans:
  • Crimson Gigant by JerryKhorCrimson Gigant Co-hero
  • Accel Leon by JerryKhorAccel Leon Co-hero
  • Thunder Bearga by JerryKhorTorque Bearga Hero
:iconavchonline:'s favorite B-Damans:
  • Giga Salamander by JerryKhorGiga Salamander Co-hero
  • Shield Giga by JerryKhorShield Giga Co-hero
  • Thunder Bison by JerryKhorBurst Bison Hero
:icontoyonda:'s favorite B-Damans:
  • Thermal Lance by JerryKhorGarland Blast Co-hero
  • Bal Tauros by JerryKhorBal Tauros Assault Tauros by JerryKhorAssault Tauros (Super Saiyan Excel) Co-hero
  • Strike Avian by JerryKhorSteer Eagle Across Avian by JerryKhorAcross Eagle (Super Saiyan Excel) Hero
Various peoples's favorite B-Damans:
  • JBA Proto 01 by JerryKhorJBA 01
  • JBA EX 01 by JerryKhorJBA EX 01 JBA EX 02 by JerryKhorJBA EX 02 (Super Saiyan)
  • Proto One by JerryKhorProto One General One by JerryKhorGeneral One (Super Saiyan)
  • General Cammo by JerryKhorGeneral Cammo
  • Generic by JerryKhorGeneric
  • W.B.M.A Proto 01 by JerryKhorW.B.M.A Proto 01
Holy Master Nebula's favorite B-Daman:
  • Master Koryoukou Special II by JerryKhorMaster Koryakuo Special II Master Koryoukou Special III by JerryKhorMaster Koryakuo Special III (Super Saiyan King)

Check out the B-Daman Wiki to find out:…

  • B-Dyna ビーダイナ
  • B-Dyna II ビーダイナ II
  • B-Dyna 3 ビーダイナ 3/Mega B-Dyna メガビーダイナ
  • Super B-Dyna スーパービーダイナ
  • Super B-Dyna 2 スーパービーダイナ 2
  • Buster B-Daman バスタービーダマン
  • Supah Buster B-Daman スーパーバスタービーダマン
  • Berserker B-Daman: Hyper Zero バスタービーダマン: ハイパーゼロ
  • Ultimate Buster B-Daman アルティメットバスタービーダマン

  • Super B-Daman (C): & TM: Takara
  • Battle B-Daman (C) & TM: Takara
  • Crash B-Daman (C) & TM: Takara
  • Cross Fight B-Daman (C) & TM: Takara
  • Cross Fight B-Daman eS (C) & TM: Takara
  • Listening to: Video game musics
  • Reading: Cooking book
  • Watching: Video games
  • Playing: Video games
  • Eating: Ice-cream
  • Drinking: 100 Plus
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