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Striker Red
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  • Prince Striker and the Freedom Planet
  • New Prince Striker
Race: Solar Shiba Inu
Age: 18
Body: Orange
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Gender: Male
Element: Holy Infinite
Likes: Video Games, Arcades, Rescues all the planets, Defeats the forces of evil Mysteroid, Being indestructible
Dislikes: The forces of evil Mysteroid, Heartbroken
Weapons: Strike Pistol and Strike Caliburn
Powers and Abilities with his Strike Pistol and Strike Caliburn:
  • Solar Laser
  • Gatling Blaze (Ammo capacity: 200 > 300 > 400 > 500)
  • Aqua Shotgun (Ammo capacity: 50 > 100 > 150 > 200)
  • Lock-on Plasma (Ammo capacity: 20 > 40 > 60 > 80)
  • Stone Bazooka (Ammo capacity: 10 > 20 > 30 > 40)
  • Heaven Beam-Wave (With the power of Super Angel Form)
  • Shining Slash
  • Burning Slash (Requires magic power)
  • Water Slash (Requires magic power)
  • Thunder Slash (Requires magic power)
  • Earthly Slash (Requires magic power)
  • Angelic Slash (With the power of the Super Angel Form)
Personality: He is a main protagonist who saved the entire universe from the evil Lord Brevon and his partners, he greatly enjoys video games and arcades but he is not unfamiliar with gambling and drinking, even though he has apparently lost his vulnerability to drunkenness. He was killed in a car crash brought by the Mysteroid, which also resulted in the death of Brent Brown. Both men were reconstructed by the aliens, now he became indestructible to survive the Mysteroid attacks during the battle mission against the forces of evil Mysteroid. He has a crush on Neona Yan who was fallen in love with him and makes him blushed.
  • Neona Yan (Love Interest)
  • Zenith Cobalt (Life-long Best Friend)
  • Royal Magister (Colonel)
  • Neil the Blue (Partner)
  • Shen Lei Fan (Partner)
  • Nastypoke
  • Blade (Partner)
  • Mikaela
  • Askal
  • Mikaela
  • Carol Tea
  • Milla Basset
  • Neera Li
  • Torque
  • Dail
  • Mace O'Neil (Crossover friend of War Solar 5)
  • Leon Godart (Crossover friend of War Solar 5)
  • Jacky Miller (Crossover friend of War Solar )
  • Ray Martin (Crossover friend of War Solar II)
  • Kyle McGarren (Crossover friend of Solar Clash)
  • E.C.F. Armies (Crossover friend of Solar Clash)
  • Andy Dunaway (Crossover friend of War Solar 3)
  • Walter Lambart (Crossover friend of War Solar 3)
  • Johnny Bruno (Crossover friend of War Solar 4)
  • Eric Bernard (Crossover friend of War Solar 4)
  • TomSka (Crossover friend of War Solar 4)
  • Acer 1 (Crossover friend of Shining Storm)
  • Acer 2 (Crossover friend of Shining Storm)
  • Chief (Crossover friend of Shining Storm)
  • Zeff (Crossover friend of Shining Storm)
  • Vinto (Crossover friend of Shining Storm)
  • Mysteroid King
  • Vlad Black (Controlled by the Mysteroid)
  • Lord Brevon
  • Serpentine
  • Syntax
  • Spade
  • Merga
  • Wild Dark (Crossover enemy of War Solar 5)
  • Wild Slash (Crossover enemy of War Solar 5)
  • The Vile (Crossover enemy of Dragonbursts)
  • The Chaotic (Crossover enemy of Dragonbursts Are Go)

  • Striker Red (C): Me
Referred to:
  • Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (C): Gerry Anderson
  • Freedom Planet series (C): Galaxy Trail
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