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Legend of Taiten Bombers

Taiten Bomber Mk-II and Mk-II Beta by JerryKhor, visual art

Artist // Hobbyist // Varied
  • Oct 13, 1998
  • Malaysia
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My Bio

Hello, I am "Jerry Khor Jiunn Lin"!

I am a character designer.

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Black

Gender: Male





I am still active in 7am-1am

My birthday is in 13th October

My hometown is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

My religion is Buddhism

My zodiac sign is Libra

My Chinese zodiac sign is Tiger


  • Japan

  • Takara Tomy Toys

  • Drawing

  • Playing Games

  • Daydreaming

  • Fantasy

  • Peace


  • Insults

  • Violence

  • Bad Memories

  • Being Alone

  • Being Bullied

  • Malaysian Enemies

  • Bugs (Except Beetles)

  • Arguments

Being single and alone makes me unhappy and unwell...

Bad memories made me absolutely uncomfortable right now and it may hurt my life extremely bad...

Rules on my profile:

  • I can only do the gift art for charity.

  • I don't take a Request, Commission or Trades.

  • Do NOT sending me the swearing, hateful, violence, insult or mean comment, it really hurt my feeling badly.

  • Do NOT accuse me, bad memories will come into my mind if whoever does.

  • If haters tried to destroy me as a madness target such as rant, violence drama, death threat, mean threat and every bad things, then haters will always regret.

  • Feel free to watch me is good for filling up my number of watchers, and giving me llama badge is also good for my favorite llama badge collections.

  • Feel free to support me if you can.

  • You are allowed to draw some of my OCs of Silhouette Mirage, Puyo Puyo Medarot/Puyo Medabots, etc (But you must credits me for using my OCs) into your fan-fiction of the same following Silhouette Mirage, Puyo Puyo Medarot or etc such as "Silhouette Mirage OC with same fan-fiction of Silhouette Mirage" is completely correct and acceptable. Also mixing up fan-fiction such as "Silhouette Mirage OC with different fan-fiction of Puyo Puyo Medarot" is completely incorrect and unacceptable.

My Interests:

  • Medarot series, by Imagineer

  • Puyo Puyo series, by Sega and Compile

  • Shin Megami Tensei series, by Atlus

  • Mr. Driller series, by Bandai Namco

  • Kiki Kaikai series, by Taito and Natsume

  • Castlevania series, by Konami

  • Beyblade toys, by Takara Tomy

  • B-Daman toys, by Takara Tomy (but was Outdated)

  • Bottleman toys, by Takara Tomy

  • Animal Crossing series, by Nintendo

  • Canimals, by Voozclub

  • Super Bomberman R series, by Konami

  • Cyborg Kuro-chan

  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

  • Home Alone

  • Angry Video Game Nerd

  • Godzilla

  • Roblox

  • Countryballs

  • UNO

  • Monopoly

  • Digimon

  • Among Us, by InnerSloth

  • Yu-Gi-Oh TCG, by Konami

  • Ultraman series, by Tsuburaya Production

  • Turrican series, by Manfred Trenz

  • Rendering Ranger R2, by Manfred Trenz

  • Silhouette Mirage, by Treasure

  • Strider series, by Capcom

  • 1940 series, by Capcom

  • Street Fighter series, by Capcom

  • Resident Evil series, by Capcom

  • Dino Crisis series, by Capcom

  • The King Of Fighters series, by SNK

My Non-interests:

  • Inflation

  • Heavy Bottom

  • Vore

  • Bondage

  • Mixed-up Request

  • Messed-up Request

  • Multiple Heads Request

  • Human-fusion Request

My friends:

Favourite Visual Artist
Puyo Puyo Arts, Medarot Arts, Silhouette Mirage Arts, Akira Toriyama the Artist and others
Favourite Movies
Godzilla series, Dragon Ball series, Home Alone series and Max Keeble's Big Move
Favourite TV Shows
Ultraman series, Medarot anime, Medarot Damashii anime, Beyblade series and others
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Video Game Soundtracks and Other Soundtracks
Favourite Books
Fairy Tale Story books, Puyo Puyo novel books and comic books
Favourite Games
Shoot 'em Up, Light Gun, Rail Shooter, RPG, Action, Puzzle, Trading Card Game, Fighting, Sci-Fi and others
Favourite Gaming Platform
Arcade series, Atari series, Nintendo series, Sega series, Sony series, NEC series and others
Tools of the Trade

Post Spotlight

Sad News Everyone by JerryKhor, journal

As you guys know the story about Taiten Bombers Mk-II who were terribly destroyed in action during the rescue mission and then brought back to life as two Deity Alien Bombermen by Sage Bomberwoman's (a.k.a Judge Sage) and Sorceress Bomberwoman's (a.k.a Blue Sorceress) wish, so both of their names were called Nebula Bombers (a.k.a Deity Taiten) when they both were reborn as two deities. The Nebula Bombers were on their mission to save the Planet Bomber by shooting down every destructive evil forces and telling every Bombermen to evacuate immediately. After saving the Planet Bomber, Nebula Bomber flies in the sky alone when he bade farewell to his look-a-like friend Nebula Bomber Beta who were disappeared into heaven. Nebula Bomber sees the mortally wounded corpse of himself as Taiten Bomber Mk-II lied down on the ground, so Nebula Bomber landed on the corpse of himself and then transformed into spirit angel to fly up to the heaven. And now the Bomberman Bros. decided to bring the
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The Bomberman uses the Dreamer Badge with the symbol to transform into Cyber Heroic Suited Bomberman equipped with a Nebula Uzi and some Stardust SB (Spirit Bomb) to fight against the forces of destruction and evil. In "Taiten Dreamers Star", the 7 members who received excellent scores would be qualified to virtualization transform into another or next Tron Bomber but except Hype Stormer, Taiten Bombers, Sagebon and Sorceressbon who had their own heroic styles instead. Members: 01) アストラルAstral > アストラルフォーAstral IV (Sparkle Bomber) Male Nebula Uzi shot: Assault Buster Laser Sub-shot: Homing Rays > Homing Rays Kai Missile Sub-shot: Cruise Missile > Cruise Missile AP Power: 3 Defense: 3 Critical: 3 Fire Rate: 3 02) ブレイズアーマーBlaze Armor > ブレイズウィングBlaze Wing (Battery Bomber) Male Nebula Uzi shot: Spread Buster Laser Sub-shot: Pulse Beam > Flamethrower Missile Sub-shot: Tracking Missile > Seeker Missile Power: 5 > 4 Defense: 5 Critical: 1 Fire Rate: 2 03) チャーマーCharmer > チャーマー二千
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