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Little Red Riding Hood -COLOR-



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Little Red Riding Hood: Pencil ... [link]

Little Red Riding Hood: Colored

Little Red Riding Hood: Redemption ... [link]

well she didnt really make it outta the wolfs stomach
now shes back to take revenge

the brushes i used are from clos3d ( major thanks to him ) on, and some custom brushes i made myself. the thread can be found here [link]
go on concept and see some REAL professionals guys :) i feel quite inexperienced when looking at their work
so thanks again to everyone... really made my day... week actually

photoshop cs2 graphire4 6hours?
it was really fun and engaging in the beginning....then passion slowly died into tireness after 4-5 hours... thast why i didnt like how the legs turn out

PRINT is out.. how does that thing work? >_>

holy SHet guys.. thanks alot for all the favs
its my first time gettin nonstop constant fav spammed... started right after i release the submit button... thanks T__T


thanks to everyone who comment and fav this!!
it was like a daydream for me... as of this moment, my pageview went from 2000 ... to 24,000 O__o... and while i usually get 4 - 5 fav per work.. i got 4,321 ( lol ) favorites on this. thanks for the praise and encouraging comments everyone, i'll try to answer the questions posted.
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