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Beautiful art

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I've been meaning to put together a new feature for a while now. I used to feature art once a month and I enjoyed doing so. But in all honesty, it just feels meaningless now. I know this feature will be shown to the people whose work you'll find further down, but they are not the people I want to reach. I know it'll be shown to the few of my watchers that are still active on DA, but that number seems the be declining with every day that passes along with the number of active users on DA in general. There's no journal hub page, so beyond that DA's algorithm will just show it to a few random deviants most of which will probably just scroll past the header without opening it. With the view counter no longer counting views, I have no way of actually tracking how many people will really see this.

Eh. But I'd also feel bad if I didn't try to promote beautiful artwork from time to time. It's been so long since I last featured art. So here, if you're among the good folk this journal entry was shown to, give these pics some love. I promise it'll be worth your time. :)

Have a nice Sunday!

Edit: How do I add a cover image from my favorites?

The Maidens Hideaway
Slavic Witch: mobile game screen
High mountains
Living Woods
a warmup
Alchemist house
The legend teller
Children's Book Project
Forest Scene
208/365 row your boat
A quiet lady among anxious birds
Majestic Hour
Lake VPA
Birds' City
Moominland Midwinter
And Our World Came Tumbling...

wood anemone
Ships Ahoy!
Gods of the past 5
The Stand
Path towards the Light
Mr. FP
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or: How to *actually* find what you are looking for when using the search engine

Ever since DA rolled out the Eclipse update that turned DeviantArt into Instagram 2.0, sorting the millions of images here has become a challenge. It is not easy to break out of the bubble that is your RFY (recommended for you) feed. The Topics are essentially static galleries that cannot be used in combination with the search, and the search engine itself can be rather counter-productive if you don’t know exactly how it works. There are tutorials on how to use the new search engine and DA has a help page with information, but nothing I could find was actually all that helpful, so here is an in-depth look at DA’s search engine and a tutorial on how to use a fairly easy method to work around DA's weird presets to find what you are actually looking for, especially when looking for stock images, other resources or certain types of media.

Understanding how the search engine operates

Before we go into any more detail on how to search, it is important to understand three things about how the search engine operates:

1) Tags are limited to one word.

This is important because it means a tag such as “digital painting” cannot exist. If you want to search for digital paintings on DA, use “digitalpainting” instead. The same is true for photo manipulations, fan art, etc...

2) DA now operates with a tag-based system just like Instagram, but unlike Instagram the search engine takes more than just tags into account.

There are three elements DA’s search engine looks at:

- tags

- image titles

- image descriptions

This means that if you type the word “dog” into DA’s search engine, it will show you any deviation that has the word “dog” in either its title or its description or includes the tag “dog”.

In other words: Whether an image is titled “dog”, is tagged as such or includes the sentences “This is my favorite dog. I love him so much!” does not matter. All of those deviations will show up any time somebody searches for a “dog”.

This is perfectly fine for single word searches, but if you search for something using two or more words, DA will use an additional AND operator for your search words, but an OR operator for titles, descriptions and tags. So if you search for “white dog” for example, the search engine will rummage through image titles, descriptions and tags to show you all deviations that use those two words in any combination. If it finds "white" in a deviation's title and "dog" in the same deviation's description, that counts as a hit. It means that an image titled "White Cliffs of Dover" could show up among the top search results if the uploader happened to talk about his neighbor's new dog somewhere in the description. Consequently, the search results immediately get far worse. The very first result I get for "white dog" is neither white nor a dog. The following are not horrible, but far from good:

White Dog

There is a way of working around that, but first there is one more thing about the search engine you should definitely be aware of:

3) The results will change greatly depending on whether you let the system recommend images to you or instead browse the most recent or most popular images.

I would always recommend using the latter since DA’s RFY system is fully capable of messing up your search results due to its constant analyzing of your browsing habits.


If you tend to view and fav only photos for example, DA’s RFY page will go out of its way to show you almost only photos even if you literally use the word “painting” among your search words. If you want to see the huge impact DA’s RFY algorithm has on search results, just look at the following comparison. Both @ChirpyCreations and myself used the exact same search words here, but the results are completely different simple because we tend to browse different content:

Screen Shot 2020 06 04 At 11 07 59 Am By Chirpycre

How to actually find what you are looking for

So how can you use the search engine to find what you are really looking for? The trick is to not use RFY and to combine a simple search with a tags-only search. What do I mean?

If I search for “landscape stock”, the search engine will show me landscapes and stock images, but very few stock images of landscapes. In fact, none of the top results are stock images at all, because, as I explained above, the search engine is looking for the words “landscape” and “stock” bloody everywhere. The top results DA shows me are some of @Ellysiumn's photomanipulations. They show up because they are popular images of landscapes and because he rightfully gave credit to the deviants whose stock images he used. He did not actually tag his images as stock, but the search engine doesn’t care. Sadly, though the pictures are pretty, this is not what I am looking for:

Landscape Stock

How can I get better search results? By using the same search words, but with additional parameters, in this case a hashtag in front of “stock“. This is what your search should look like: “landscape #stock

What does this do? Well, the search engine will still look for the word “landscape” everywhere, but will now show only pictures that were tagged as “stock”. I think it is a reasonable assumption that most stock images are tagged as such, while images that are merely using stock images are not. Suddenly the results look like this:

Landscape #stock

Even if I scroll down, almost all the images are stock images.

You can use the same method for other things as well. Always combine simple search words (subjects/themes/adjectives) with tag-based searches for media. This will help you find only brushes for painting leaves for example or only digital paintings of cats. Whatever rocks your boat...

There is a caveat however. Using this method you will only be able to find images that were uploaded since tags were introduced or images that have had tags added to them afterwards. Instagram's search engine works fairly well, because the site uses and always has used tags. DeviantArt however used to have a category tree. Millions of images were uploaded before the people running DeviantArt decided the users here were too stupid to use categories. In other words: If you want to search all the images DA has to offer, the method above won't work. You'll have to resort to simple searches again, which will produce a lot of unwanted results. Yu can narrow your search down by searching for a phrase, using quotation marks, for example "white dog", but this will exclude tags, since those have to be a single word.

Anyway, I hope this helps you find what you are looking for.

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... if DA's staff act quickly enough. Which they won't.

Whether you like Eclipse or hate it, there’s no denying the new user interface has greatly changed DeviantArt. The devs set out to give DA a new identity and in some ways they achieved that goal, but they did so at a very high cost. DeviantArt used to be a very structured website. It was a platform for any form of art imaginable, but had separate sections for each type of artist. It was a website for digital and traditional art, amateur or professional art, literature, photos, animation, etc… Now however DeviantArt is just for art. Period. Various types of art are still welcome, but the website no longer differentiates between them. Compared to the old DA, the new DeviantArt is a far more general affair, a lot more akin to a page like Instagram than a virtual art museum with different floors and rooms.

I’m finding it difficult to explain what exactly I mean, so please bear with me.

Generally speaking there have always been two types of users on DA:

User A is an art appreciator. He comes here merely to kill time and because he enjoys sharing, browsing and collecting art. His interests are fairly varied so he considers DA a neat place to just hang around. He enjoys visiting DA in much the same way a book lover might enjoy visiting a library.

User B on the other hand sees DA more as a work space. Using the library analogy from above, he‘s not so much a book-lover in general, but rather a person looking for specific information, like a journalist or researcher. He regularly comes to DA to look for stock images, reference pictures, tutorials or just inspiration. He does not want an endless stream of random pictures. He knows what he‘s looking for and has little interest in anything else.

DA used to be for both types of users, now it’s only for the former. It was like a huge library, but a clearly structured one with different sections and archives. It‘s still like a huge library now, but the sections and archives are all gone. The shelves have no labels at all or confusing non-standard labels some of which are misspelled. If you‘re just into reading in general, you‘ll probably stumble over many good books and you’ll appreciate the helpful lady recommending certain novels she thinks you’ll like. If your interests are more focused however, you will find it frustratingly difficult to find books on specific subjects or books that’ll give you certain pieces of information.

Eclipse has completely killed DA for that second type of user and those who cater to that sort of audience. All categories are gone and the search engine is borderline broken. The moment you use more than one search word, the results become shockingly inaccurate. Search for "portrait photos" for example and marvel at the amazing lack of photos. You can browse resources through one of DA’s new topics, but will have a hard time finding specific stock images, tutorials or brushes since you can’t sort the deviations that show up there and the gallery doesn’t differentiate between different types of resources.

The new DeviantArt wants you to “lose yourself in the art”, but what if you want to enjoy certain forms of art without losing yourself in the endless waves of images DA throws at you? What if you’re an artist who relies on a functioning search engine, perhaps to supply other artists with stock images or tutorials? What if you yourself are a photo manipulator who regularly tries to find very specific stock images to create new pieces of art? Well, you’re out of luck! The new DA was not built with people like you in mind.

Why? Because it's built around a system of optional tags rather than precise mandatory categories.

The old DeviantArt forced users to categorize every image using a minimum of 3 top- and sub-level categories. Upon uploading an image, deviants were asked to first choose a top level category. During this step of the submission process every submission was sorted by its type of medium, e.g. digital art or traditional art, photography, literature, etc. The deviant was then asked to choose a first sub-category, which would define a sub-medium. A digitally created artwork for example could further be categorized as a 3-dimensional piece of art or a digital painting, animation, photo manipulation, etc. The third step of categorization was no longer about the medium. It was about the subject of the artwork. So an artwork previously tagged with “digital art” and “photo manipulation” could now also be tagged as a “portrait” or something related to “fantasy” or “horror” and so on. Additional tags could be added, but were not mandatory.

This category tree was by no means perfect. It had its share of flaws which led to some miscategorizations. Some users complained it was hard to use or confusing (though I’d argue they were just too stupid to understand it). There were certainly ways DA could have improved the system, but in general it worked reasonably well. With it in place, every single picture was being categorized one way or another. The devs could have improved it, but instead chose to replace it with … wait for it … NOTHING.

DA’s new system is really easy to use, but only because it‘s not really a system at all. The categories are gone and while tags still exist they are completely optional. It’s an utterly useless bullshit system that never should have been implemented.

There are so many horrible flaws to DA’s new hashtag system that I hardly know where to start. Let’s begin with the obvious:

Submissions that are not tagged cannot be categorized properly.

It’s as simple as that. Users who upload art, but don’t tag it, are giving the search engine very little to work with. These images cannot be processed the way they should be. To sort work that isn't tagged, the search engine has to rely on an image's title and description, which leads to great problems since some people use image descriptions like journals. They write about all sorts of things and those texts shouldn't play any part in sorting an image. You'll find an example of this further down.

The lack of predefined categories means people don’t know how to tag properly.

Without categories to choose from, users are tasked with coming up with their own categories if they want their art to be seen. But synonyms and syntax related issues can make it incredibly hard to tag a picture properly. According to DA's own help page on tagging, tags are limited to one word without spaces, so the tag "digital painting" for example can't exist. Is it instead “digitalpainting”, “digital-painting” or “digital_painting”? Or how about the plural "digitalpaintings"? What’s the difference between a digital painting and a digital drawing? Did I paint scenery or a landscape? Is a cityscape a landscape? Is my picture a “photo” or “photography”? These and similar questions never came up with predefined categories. You can use up to 30 tags now, so synonyms can be used simultaneously, but it really shouldn’t be necessary. Tagging should be neither a guessing game nor a game of “How many synonyms can I come up with?”.

Fun fact: If you go explore the tag #stockphoto, DA will recommend you check out the related tags #stock, #stockimage, #stockreference, #stockresource, #resources and #resourcesstock . That's how many different tags are being used for the exact same thing and all of them lead to different sets of pictures.

DA’s search engine does not prioritize

Another huge problem I have every time I search for something now is the search engine’s inability to prioritize. It uses tags, but also picture titles and descriptions, which leads to one gigantic mess.

With the old system in place looking for a stock image of a sleeping girl required merely the words “girl” and “sleeping”. You could limit the results to only stock images by going to that specific category. Using just those two words now however will obviously get you plenty of results that are copyrighted pictures rather than stock images. Adding the word “stock” to your search terms hardly does any good, because DA will look for those three words bloody everywhere. Actual stock images will pop up in between thousands of images that merely used another stock image.

This picture for example is among the top results if you search for “sleeping girl stock”:

Panda ride

Why? Because it’s tagged with the word “girl” and the description includes the words “stock” and “sleep”. Mind you the last two words are only there because the artist used a stock image as reference and was feeling tired, but the search engine doesn't know that.

DA’s old system didn’t just categorize your work, it also ranked your tags. An image submitted to the stock category was obviously a stock image. It was a stock image first and then a picture of a girl, a frog, a cat or whatever. Now an image tagged as “stock” and “girl” can also be seen as a cheeseburger by the search engine if the uploader happens to talk about his lunch in the image's description.

Let this sink in: If you write "This is not a stock image!" below a deviation, DA will think your picture is stock and will recommend it to people looking for stock images, simply because you used the word "stock" in your description.

Adding a hashtag to each of your search terms will cause the search engine to look only at tags. The results are better, but still frequently offer unwanted results. A human can tell that a deviation tagged with "tutorial" and "digitalpainting" is a tutorial on how to paint digitally. However to the search engine it's both a tutorial AND a digital painting. Using hashtags will also get you far fewer search results than previously. I know that there are at least (!) 300 pictures of digitally painted landscapes uploaded to DA every day. I know so, because I used to browse the category quite regularly. Now I'm lucky if I can find 10% of those images through DA's new search engine.

Intentional miscats are 10x times more annoying than they used to be

This lack of prioritizing means users can basically tag their work with numerous tags that are all treated equally. The tags can even contradict each other. Want to tag your work as “digital” and “traditional” simultaneously? No problem!

You can literally tag a single piece of art with all 30 of these words and DA’s stupid system will treat all of them equally: fanart, tutorial, portrait, OC, photo, free, resource, 3D, render, digitalart, digitalpainting, traditional, traditionalart, painting, drawing, sketch, adoptable, photomanipulation, pokemon, drawthisagain, toonme, manga, anime, Marvel, MLP, Disney, SFW, cosplay, wallpaper, boobs

The old system would let you miscategorize your submission once. Now you can do it 30 times and you can add to the confusion by putting even more popular tags into your image's description.

DA is intentionally presenting you with bad search results

This may well be the dumbest thing yet. With the default browsing mode set to RFY rather than one of the Popular pages, DA will actually go out of its way to present you with bad search results. Why? Because RFY is always analyzing your browsing habits and trying to guess what kind of art you like best. This isn’t inherently bad, but it’s a horrible thing when you’re looking for something very specific. If you usually fav nothing but paintings, but go looking for a stock photo, DA will show you less photos than if you've always been a photography nut anyways. It will show you more paintings, because it thinks that’s what you’re interested in. You can toggle between RFY and Popular All Time and see how the selection changes in real time, though this probably affects some users far more than others, depending on their individual browsing habits.

For comparison, these are @ChirpyCreations 's results for "sleeping girl stock" compared to mine. Despite using literally the exact same search words, our results were completely different:

Screen Shot 2020 06 04 At 11 07 59 Am By Chirpycre

So how can these problems be solved?

DA needs a category tree. There’s no way around it. However, it doesn’t need nearly as many categories as the old UI offered. There’s an infinite number of subjects a deviation can have, so adding subjects to the categories (such as “horror” or “animals”) doesn’t make much sense. These are terms that can and should be added as tags.

Categories and tags have to work together. Categorize your work by medium, but tag the subject. It’s how ArtStation works by the way, and guess what – their system works far better than DA's!


ArtStation users can search for a certain subject and then filter the results by medium. DA would need more categories, since it caters to a far wider audience, but other than that, the system could function the same way: Search for “horror” and then select literature. Search for “dog” and then select photos. Search for “girl” and then select the stock category…

A new system has to replace the current one and is has to do so as soon as possible. From what I've gathered from various journals, the categories are not a top priority for any of DA's staff members, but they absolutely should be. It's the only problem that's rapidly getting worse. While everything else can wait, the categories cannot, because with every hour that passes people are flooding the system with thousands of pictures that cannot be categorized correctly. The vast majority of images on DA were uploaded before the categories were removed, but every new submission missing certain tags is making search results worse.

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Dear DeviantArt Staff,

I know some of you watch me, but I don‘t know whether any of you will ever read these lines. To be honest, neither do I care. You don‘t owe me anything. My opinion is probably of little importance to you, and I‘m not entitled to complain over something I‘m essentially getting for free.

But we users don‘t owe you anything either. Once Eclipse replaces the classic layout, I will most likely go inactive. I won‘t terminate my account, but I also won‘t post anything here any more, because I see no point in doing so.

Let me start by saying that I do not want you to get rid of Eclipse. That would obviously be stupid. I will not upload one of those „Stop Eclipse“ pictures or similar stamps. Eclipse is this website‘s future and I fully get that. What I don‘t get, however, is why Eclipse is being turned into something that barely resembles the old DeviantArt anymore. Many of the things that made DA unique and dare I say great are being scrapped. I want Eclipse. I want changes. But I want those changes to improve the site, which sadly isn‘t the case right now. I fully believe that Eclipse has the potential of becoming a great UI, but right now, despite all your efforts, it‘s far from being there.

If you want to take away a kid‘s toys, you‘d better be prepared to give him something equally good instead, or you‘ll rightfully have to listen to complaints and a lot of whining. That is DA’s current status. You are essentially replacing a big, wonderful toy with one that just isn‘t as good.

Eclipse is functional. It is absolutely capable of replacing the classic UI, but it is harder to use and in some cases missing features that have been around since I can remember. Just simply compare the two UIs, put them side by side and it‘s easy to see what I am talking about:

Just a few weeks ago, you launched Eclipse‘s new stats feature, but it is inaccurate. My statistics page is telling me that I have 9.8K watchers, which I literally do not. You‘re using rounded numbers. Why? Because it looks nicer? Also, what used to be available at one glance is now spread out over a huge page. It‘s more or less the same information as before, but it‘s presented in a way that requires a lot of unnecessary scrolling, which is true for other parts of Eclipse‘s design too.

Eclipse‘s journal editor has been slightly improved since it was first introduced, but it‘s still nowhere near as functional as the old editor. It is impossible to resize images or move them around. Customization options are ridiculously limited, and formatting-options that should be visible at all time don‘t belong in menus that only pop up when you highlight a word. That‘s not just counter-intuitive, but impractical.

The Watch-page suffers from the same blown up design as many other parts of Eclipse. The thumbnails are huge, which means it is hard to keep track of what is actually there because only a tiny fraction of all images is visible at any given time. The same goes for the Posts-Page. Journal entries are not only too big, but they are arranged horizontally. It is an unwritten rule to NEVER organize things horizontally if they don‘t all fit on the screen. A mouse comes with a scroll-wheel, but that only works vertically. It is tedious to always have to click on a little arrow button to be able to see more journal entries or status posts. The alternative, clicking on „see all“, isn‘t any better as it blows everything up to full size, thereby eliminating ANY oversight.

The front page is the worst part yet. For the love of God, please bring categories back! I cannot comprehend why you chose to eliminate ALL categories. I can no longer find what I‘m looking for, which significantly impacts my desire to browse art or visit DeviantArt at all. The sub-sections of DA I used to browse simple no longer exist. They weren‘t replaced with some half-baked feature, they are simply gone. I’m not interested in an endless stream of random pictures. I want options that allow me to find the type of images I’m interested in.

The Topics you introduced are NOT a replacement, as I can’t search for anything within them and the pictures only seem to change every two months or so. Recommended for you – or RFY – is neat at first glance, but less so at second. Some people love it, because it means they no longer have to see as much „crap“ on the front page, but that convenience comes at a high cost. Those of you using RFY, please be aware: RFY not only hides images you do not want to see, it also hides images you do want to see. You are bound to miss some beautiful paintings, because a machine has preselected images for you to look at. There are people that won’t see your own artwork, because this machine has deemed it not-presentable for reasons that are never explained anywhere.

I personally don‘t like RFY and I‘m pissed it‘s the default browse mode, especially considering that muted tags allow me to filter out certain images on the Popular-Pages without hiding other images. I do not need a machine to make decisions for me. I am fully capable of deciding what I’m interested in.

When I do find something I like, Eclipse is currently incapable of showing me that image the way the artist meant for me to see it. At full view Eclipse is stretching images to more than three times their original size. While we’re speaking, people using Eclipse cannot properly see my newest painting. It will be either too small or too big. I’m assuming this is not a feature but a bug (and I’ve reported it as such a few days ago), but that just underlines that Eclipse is not yet ready to replace the classic UI.

I could continue with this list, but I already wrote a separate journal entry about things I think could be improved months ago.

A DeviantArt staff member once told me: “It just takes time to right a ship this big that's been floundering for so long. I don't blame you for losing patience; it's well overdue. At the same time, rushing this is a surefire recipe for failure, and at this point we've only got one shot to get it right. We need to do it with patience and love, and then test the crap out of it again and again.“

I was impatient at the time and I still am. I know I'm not the most level-headed person, but despite that I feel the need to say: Don’t rush things now! You are squandering that one shot! I know you’ve been working on Eclipse for what feels like eons, but it’s still too early to retire the classic UI. Keep testing the crap out of Eclipse and do so while comparing it to what was there before. Don’t make changes for the sake of change. Always ask yourself whether the changes actually make sense; whether they are better than what is already available.

Take care


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Get your deviations in front of more eyes with tags!

Choosing the most popular tags will help more deviants discover your work, and make it more likely your art is featured under multiple of DA's new Topics. Since some tags are more popular than others it is important to avoid tags that are too specific. Instead, try to fill your list of tags with terms that cover as many of DA's former categories as possible.

Which Tags To Use

So how should you tag your deviations? Tags should include aspects such as...

If you use only relevant tags, you'll merely reach people actively searching for one of the tags you've used - a tiny, tiny fraction of all users. Obviously, your goal should be to reach as many users as you can, but how can you make those other users notice your work? The answer is simple: Use all of the tags above simultaniously to have your deviations shown to as many people as possible. Be bigger, bolder and more devious than ever before! Remember that you can and should use 30 different tags for your work! DA does not penalize users for incorrect tagging, so there are no downsides to this practice, only advantages!

Don't Follow DA's Tips

In order to maximize the benefit of tags, DA recommends following these tips:

  • Deviations should be classified by tags that are clear, concise, and relevant to your art, as this only helps the community better discover your work!

  • Don’t use irrelevant tags on your deviation, as it may result in miscategorization of your artwork, making it difficult for your intended audience to find it.

  • Consider what a person searching for your deviation might search for.

  • Make sure all of your deviations have tags!

The important words here are "tips" and "should". What he have above are guidelines at best, certainly not rules. You are free to do whatever the heck you want and statistics show that you'd be stupid to stick with these tips apart from the last. Why limit yourself to only a fraction of DA's potential audience? Due to Eclipse, your chances of being seen are worse than ever before, so do something about it!

DA decided to get rid of all categories. It was their choice to replace a slightly flawed, but still very functional system with ... well, essentially nothing. You can no longer sort the images on the front page. It's really just an endless stream of popular pictures with random galleries thrown in for good measure. Explore "Sonic the Hedgehog!". Don't like Sonic? Then "Explore New Deviants!" or some other stuff you probably don't care about!

Deviants complained the old category tree was too difficult. Well, now they have no sorting options at all and when submitting they can try to guess whether their picture belongs to "digitalpainting" or "digitalpaintings" or "digital_painting" or "digital-painting" or "digital_paintings" before realizing their work is more of a "digitaldrawing" than a... wait... or is it a "digital_drawing"? ... Screw this s***!


Sure, there are Topics now, but those are really just galleries filled with images pre-selected by a machine that has no idea what it's doing. DA claims the machine is "learning", but that seems kind of hard to do considering it's getting zero feedback. Miscategorized images are never removed. There's hardly any rotation at all. One of my own illustrations is being featured under the Topic "Digital Art" right now. That's great for me, but the picture was uploaded over a month ago!

The machine can't even tell when an image is being shown in multiple Topic-galleries. It's a system that was built to be abused, so by all means, abuse it!


To help you reach a maximum audience, here are the 30 best tags for you to copy and paste every time you submit an image:

fanart, tutorial, portrait, OC, photo, free, resource, 3D, render, digitalart, digitalpainting, traditional, traditionalart, painting, drawing, sketch, adoptable, photomanipulation, pokemon, drawthisagain, toonme, manga, anime, Marvel, MLP, Disney, SFW, cosplay, wallpaper, XYZ

Important: Replace the 30th tag (XYZ) with the actual motif of your work!

Check out DA's Knowledge Base article for additional details on how to avoid useless tags. Just do the opposite of what they recommend!

Happy tagging!

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