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PSC with AKS-74U

Private Security Contractor with AKS-74U
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El ejército del futuro
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i see, he's holstering a Glock...
hey does that plate carrier exist in real life? if so, do you know the name of it? Or something that looks like this? This pic kinda made me want to dress up like this.
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The torso should torque a bit more towards the gun, for better recoil control, and for the cool factor on the image, but, a fucking amazing job as ALWAYS.
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Love the amount of effort that went into this, very well done. and I'm gonna throw this one out there... that pistol looks suspiciously like a Glock... not sure if it's the grip or the boxy slide, but everything seems to scream Glock. Am I right?
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Definitely a Glock 
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This is awesome.
And yay for the Brits!!
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Thanks....I've read about a lot of British PSCs working in hotzones, so why not.
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Complete opposite for me. I never knew the Britain had PSCs. The only one I heard about was in a the video game 'Far Cry 2'.
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Awesome. Love that customized AK.
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Thanks for taking a look!
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