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Me      : Party, yay! Let's hang out with my best friends for the rest of the night.
*party goes on for a few hours*
Brain   : Ok, that's it. I'm shutting down now.
Me      : Wait, what? I can't move, nor can I hear anything... What did you just do to me?
Brain   : I was getting way too much sensory input. I shut off those parts so I can recover a bit. It's sad it had to happen this way, but you wouldn't listen.
Me      : Listen to what? I didn't notice anything was amiss.
Brain   : *sigh* Just wait a minute while I get you back online.
Me      : Can't we just go outside? You'll probably recover faster if you don't have to block all that input
Brain   : It's too late for that now. You're just going to stand here until I recover.
*a few minutes later*
Me      : My friends will get worried about me... Can't you really get my motor system back online so we can go outside?
*no reaction*
Me      : Really, we need to get out of here now. My friend has a really worried expression on his face.
*still no reaction*
Me      : Err... Brain? Have you noticed that he is shaking me by my shoulders?
Me      : WAKE UP!!!
Brain   : huh?
Me      : We need to get out now. And by now I mean NOW!
Brain   : I'd like to get out of here as well, actually.
Me      : But I still can't move... Didn't you forget something right now? Like having shut down my motor system?
Brain   : That's right, I did that, didn't I? But I had a reason to do it, though
Me      : Let's discuss that later, shall we? We really need to get out now, so if you would be so kind?
Brain   : Ok, ok... Here's your control back.
Me      : Finally, let's get out now. I'll have to apologize to him later though...
Brain   : Be glad I didn't make you collapse on the floor.
Me      : *sigh*... I'd be more glad if you gave me a warning in advance, so this wouldn't have to happen.
This happened to me a few times in the last week(with the party I went to two days ago as the one written down in this text).

EDIT: Changed the name to a more correct term. As for how it looks on the outside: I stop moving at all, my eyes seem to have a haze in front of them but I'll still move in reaction to impulses(for example: at the party Thursday evening, people got me involved in a dance and my body was kept upright while moving along).
Note that this was an attempt to put what was going on in my mind into words, so there are a few inaccuracies, especially since English isn't my native language.

Edit 2: In a discussion with ObiWanSkywalker178 below, I developed a theory as to why these shutdowns happened. For those who want to read it and don't want to scroll trough that wall of text, here's a direct link:…
As to my watchers that aren't interested in this, sorry for the update spam ;p
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it happens to me more times than I would like it to.