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Hi everyone!
Together with my bro Jessy we are huge fans of Zelda since we're kids, we litteraly grew with the series, playing it on every generation of Nintendo's consoles !
Today we’he grown up, I became a concept artist, and my bro is now a graphic designer. When we met each other back in 2006, Twilight Princess released and it was a blast for both of us. Even if Breath of the Wild has mixed up the cards in 2017, TP remains for us the quintessence of the now old-school 3D Zelda game with its unique aesthetics, characters, and cutscenes.
For The Legend of Zelda's 35th anniversary, we wish that Nintendo will make it big, just as they did back then with the 25th anniversary. Zelda's birthday was Feb 21st, and nothing was done... yet. We wish for Twilight Princess to be released on Switch, that will happen for sure... but we dream for a full "remake" edition with a brand new graphic engine and visual improvements, etc. Just like Wind Waker HD or what Monolithsoft did with Xenoblade Definitive Edition !
So with my bro, we decided to make it ourselves and make TP Remake a reality !
He imagined what a "35th anniversary" logo could be and we talked about what could be a full remake of Twilight Princess for the Switch : box art, limited edition, content... and we worked on that project, that was a lot of fun !
For my own part, I have created 3 original artworks, reinterpreting the famous title screen, and two scenes of the final battles! These scenes are totally symbolic for us and I really wanted to work on them! Just thinking about it makes me shiver haha! And Jessy did the box art and the cover (realised with some recent artworks with TP art style for the Nintendo Shop of Tokyo), vinyl design and putting all this together with mockups to make it real !
I wish all of you guys will like it !! It's purely fanmade, but we wish that Nintendo will come up with big things and celebrate The Legend of Zelda's anniversary like this amazing game series deserve it !

Zelda : Hakirya

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