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Hi there!
I had some free time so I took the opportunity to make a new artwork!
I wanted to work on this kind of scene for a long time! I also wanted to come back to the edo japan universe so... I combined both! I had a lot of pleasure to work on it !
I have to admit that for once, I'm quite happy with the result.
I hope you'll like it!

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its amazing 👏 do you have a short story or anything to go along with it such as the inspiration or something? id love to know where you got the idea.

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Nice ♥️♥️♥️♥️

arteyfrustracion's avatar

fantástico gran trabajo 🤔👏👏

It’s so amazing. Its very detailed while not looking boring in the slightest, the angles are really good, and the fire looks awesome

ErikShoemaker's avatar

very nice angle/perspective. I also like this somewhat painterly style you've developed. Nice work as always!

Ururuty's avatar

Highly cinematic !

Nategold0410's avatar

A true masterwork. Bravo!

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If such a picture was a shot from a movie trailer, it would be enough to have me wanting to see it on a huge screen in some cinema !

Bravo !

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These those scenes from a film, comic book, game, that when you walk away you never forget. Great job on conveying the mood, I can feel the destruction, the sense of lost, despair. Good job on the colors and rendering, I can feel the heat just looking at this piece. I can hear the cracklings of the burning structures. And the contrast between the shadowy foreground and the fire-lit background brings it all together. This is epic! Amazing work!

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You just had to keep telling them that you did not want to buy their extended car warranty, They finally had enough of you saying no and now look at what happened dear. They burned are house down.

lottajaakola's avatar

What an epic scene! :)

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Fun Fact: Jigoku means Hell In Japanese Or 地獄

Amazing Artwork, I Really Love It!

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This is really great, it reminds me of the retelling of Shakespeare’s King Lear by Akira Kurosawa‘s medieval Japan epic, “Ran.” An old Shogun warlord, tired of ruling and bloodletting, decides to retire and divides his kingdom among his 3 contentious sons. The worst aspects of human nature vying for power and tragedy ensues.

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And to his undying horror, the samurai realized he had arrived too late to prove a viable asset in the struggle against darkness. The battle over, the demon horde had overwhelmed the villages meager defenses, leaving naught behind but ruin and despair. Having failed to fulfill his oath, the samurai, weeping tears of such bitterness, unsheathed his katana and set the tip to his stomach. Hari-kari would be a welcome release from the immense dishonor now visited upon him.

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holy shit that looks fantastic

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