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November 14, 2020
Circle of illusion by Pyrogas-Artworks
Featured by cosmicbound
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Circle of illusion


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Hi there !
I'm so happy to unveil my first concept art for a movie! I've always wanted to make artworks for movies and this is it, here is my very first work in the movie industry!!
It's a concept art for a short movie called: Circle of Illusion.
It was a great discovery to work with this theme, I must say that I love it very much! It's such an inspiring theme and rich in possibilities ! I just loved it !
I really hope you'll like it!

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Really cool...I can recognize 3 cars....GTR, NSX, 67 Mustang!!

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wow just wow. This is so good

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This is super cool!

This is super nice 👍🏾

Wow! It looks so cool!;P

Astonishing!!! so detailed

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beautiful work

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I always love a dystopian (are you conveying dystopian?) setting! Allow me introduce myself. My name is James/TheHellfireHeroJR. To me your setting looks like a dystopian tokyo which I love. Anyways it is brilliant. Some characters are blurred but that blends in with the story of the composition. I must know how you create something like this. I am a new deviant. You must have worked on this city picture for a long time. The level of detail is unbelievable. I am digging the car lit up in the bottom red corner (I like fast sports cars). Anyways, this picture is absolutely amazing. It has a mixture of modern day looking cars and futuristic which makes it all the more appealing. The main character next to the car I love reminds me of Organization XIII/The Thirteenth Order in Kingdom Hearts II. If you want to see my work check me out at TheHellfireHeroJR;P. Peace;P.

Wow its so detailed amazing drawing :D

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this is amazing-

Awesome Art This art has been much better We want to see more art like this.

more art...

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Yo bro you did a such a good job on that drawing your a master.

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Love the ambience it's giving off

I love the colours and the amazing view of the city!!

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great color control

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Bravo l'ami :squee:

Impensable de ne pas avoir de DD sur cette créa tellement elle était énorme !!!

Ça fait très Cyberpunk, en tout cas t'as été très inspiré comme d'hab.

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