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WB Animation Character Design, YOUNG JUSTICE, Teekl. Pencil, Digital Color.

For a pivotal battle in the Season One episode entitled, "Misplaced," Klarion the Witch-Boy transforms his familiar, Teekl, into a monstrous version of a saber-toothed tiger. Superboy finds himself over-matched, pinned to the ground by this mighty and ferocious magical beast.
rrrrRRRRRRRAWWWWRRRRrrrrrrr--meow. ;)

Please keep your cats free from steroids.

Teekl is the property of WB TV Animation, and DC Comics.
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I prefer this amped version of Teekel to the one from Batman, a lot more menacing.
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Freakishly scary Familiar . :eyepopping:
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On this shape,Teekl are awesome! :wow:  Anatomy,artwork and coloring are great!Congratulations! :clap:
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I have a solution to the Teekl problem. We could call Alf.
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An upgrade from the humanoid, eh?
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Teekl looks way better than his form from Batman: The Animated Series ^^
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Ok, is Teekl male or female? Or simply up to interpretation? He/she looks awesome BTW, Klarion is my favorite new villain.
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If Teekl is fixed, it doesn't really matter anyway.
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Eh... You got a point, but it helps to know which pronouns to use. Guess I'll just wait till they say something on the show.
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Now where's human Teekl?
Show me her or else you'll die
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I guess you're gonna have to kill me. :(
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You can't tell me if she exists (In the Young Justice continuity), can you?
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I could, but then I'd have to kill you! Hahaha!
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(I mean 20-26)
BTW, when Klarion transformed Teekl into this, I was really expecting he'd transform her into her humanoid form, so I got kinda disappointed he didn't :/
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Then farewell, cruel world!

Off: We Brazilian people watched Young Justice episodes 20-21 before everybody else >D
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Yes, we know. You Brazilian people are cheating.
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Now let us cheat a little more lololol
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