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WB Animation Character Design, YOUNG JUSTICE, Mercy Graves. Pencil, Digital Color.

Well, with the accidental airing of the episode, "Targets," as well as its screening at San Diego Comic Con 2011, I suppose it's okay to post the design for Lex Luthor's bodyguard, Mercy Graves. I got a kick out Ms. Graves, as originally designed for Bruce Timm's animated Batman series. For me, she shined best in the SUPERMAN/BATMAN movie, where she went toe-to-toe with The Joker's moll, Harley Quinn. Apparently, this new version of the character has more to her than meets the eye, showcasing a mechanical arm, equipped with deadly weaponry. I designed her to be beautiful, and sexy, but with a decided edge. Here, with my own color selections, I gave her jacket dark lapels to distinguish the outfit from an ordinary (albeit risqué) business suit, and suggest her service also as Luthor's chauffeur.

Thanks for viewing!

*Character is the property of WB
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I always wonder if she is a cyborg or a android.
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This Mercy NEVER did speak!Unimpressed 
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Never?  Hmm...  Could be that she never had anything to say?
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I wondered if the rest of her is cybernetic like her arm. :)
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We don't get to see much of her.
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i don't know this chick.
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Just saw this new (well for me anyway) version of Mercy, and I'm not sure about it.  I can certainly see how the whole cyborg thing makes her a lot more useful as a bit of a sidekick for Luthor, but it sort of took me by surprise.  I think it's the wise thing to do, but it still feels funny from earlier versions of her anyway.
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Actually, I agree.  When I first read the scripted scene revealing Mercy as a cyborg, I was taken aback.  But it is what it is.  Lots of folks thought it was cool.  And I don't hate it.  The other versions of Mercy still exist.  My job was just to design the character in a new, exciting way.  No control over the story.
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Well, better design and performance than the Joker that's for sure.


I still don't know about Mercy though.  In some ways I wonder why they just didn't turn her to a cyborg to begin with or something if she was ever made to essentially hold her on against some superhero.  Well in any case, I won't lose a day's sleep over it unlike other changes I've seen of late.

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The positive out of the negative is in the fact that these characters are still undergoing changes at all, and that the fans care about these changes, one way or the other.  This shows that these characters are still alive.  They matter.
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Gorgeous design! I love how Young Justice remade Mercy into a cyborg, makes her that much more useful to Lex as her body guard, who knows what other tricks she may have up her sleeves besides that arm cannon she used once?
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I too loved seeing Mercy slug it out with Harley. I got kinda bummed that she apparently got electrocuted when Superman beat up that robot she was taped to.

One comic version of Mercy has superstrength derived from empowerment by the Greek gods.
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You turned her into a robot? No offence man but isn't that a little insaulting to comic book history or the comic book continuity? Kind of like Brent Spiner's proformance as the joker.
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Yeah, I was a bit disappointed with Brent Spiner's Joker portrayal. I suppose we've all been spoiled by what Mark Hammill did.
As for Mercy, so far, all that has been revealed is that she has a weaponized cybernetic arm. This makes her a cyborg, not a robot.
Please keep in mind that the stories in YOUNG JUSTICE take place on an alternate Earth, so, much of what happens is not bound by the familiar continuity of the comic books. :)
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Actually I'm okay if Hamill wasn't the joker at all but we could alteast get Kevin Michael Richardson or John Dimaggio.

Other than that, have you seen the joker I drew?
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Perfectness! (I didn't make it up!)...the grey lipstick adds to it!
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Tess Mercer! xD
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This is great! but I'm always gonna miss that skimpy chauffeurs uniform she wore in Superman: the Animated Series. That dress was so insanely short I'm surprised is covered her bottom in all the action she got!
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Yeah, Bruce's original design was a definite inspiration. But, do you know, as short as I made her skirt here, there was some hesitation, and they almost made me lengthen it to mid-thigh?!
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That's a shame, the short dress suited her so well!
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
I think this is short enough.
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why does luthor always get the cyborg body gaurds :)
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yeah I was surprised by the heavy artillery she has in her arms XD
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