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WB Animation Character Design, YOUNG JUSTICE, The Flash, Kid Flash, and The Flash (Original). Pencil, Digital color.

This is another item that unintentionally wound up on "The Cutting Room Floor." Along with the "Little Wally" illustration previously posted [link] , this image was created as a wall photo for the West family home. Featured from left to right are the three "generations" of Flashes, including Barry Allen, Wally West, and Jay Garrick. The premise was that someone in the West family snapped a shot of the trio of speedsters all together out in public, and then the heroes were kind enough to autograph the photo for a young Wally West (The signatures would be a ploy to divert the suspicion of casual visitors to Wally's house).

I hoped to convey the individual personalities of each character in the "photo," with Wally being the obvious showboat, Barry the secure and nonchalant JLA hero, and Jay Garrick as the senior mentor, with a warm smile, and a corny wave.

***UPDATE - 10/15/11 - Keep your eyes peeled to the YJ show, because it turns out that this image may indeed make an appearance after all. I'm flattered that so many seem to dig it, even though it's obvious that the three Flashes aren't even really standing there together. Photoshop fake? LOL! I kid. I'm a kidder.

*** As with all my YOUNG JUSTICE character art, the style is set and approved by Mr. Phil Bourassa.
*** And, as always, the specific color selections are mine.

Characters are copyrighted and trademarked by DC Comics.

••••• R. I. P. Wally West. You ran the hero's path to the very finish. •••••
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XxWarriorSerenityxXHobbyist General Artist
Flash (Barry Allen) Kid Flash (Wally West) Flash from Earth 3 (Jay Garrick also Barry's Dad's Doppelgänger). I'm a nerd ok?! 
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rhe416Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That’s the CW show continuity not this
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it is a flash mob
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BlurryDawgoHobbyist Digital Artist
They're so fast that there's more of them in the blink of an eye!

...if you know what I mean.
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super heros
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FelipeNumpaqueStudent Interface Designer
I love this one, great work :)
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Jerome-K-MooreProfessional Filmographer
Thanks!  :D
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where is Bart Allen?
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WB51417 General Artist
Look at the date, this picture was made before Bart even appeared in the show.
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Jerome-K-MooreProfessional Filmographer
Not in the picture?
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then put him in there.

also if Wally never went into retiremet he would have servived.
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Jerome-K-MooreProfessional Filmographer
No, I won't be doing that.  :)
This piece was created with certain specifics that didn't include Bart Allen.
It is what it is.
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I am just kidding.

but you seriesly could not if you want to?
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Jerome-K-MooreProfessional Filmographer
I have too many other things to do at the moment.  Sorry, Shark Man.
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I adore this artwork. Seeing the four Flashes together in Young Justice was beautiful. 
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DarylLee1Hobbyist Digital Artist
super powres
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AmeriDutchGirl1Hobbyist Artist
AWESOME!!!! I <3 young Justice
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PERFECT!! made it pretty well good
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Fantastic work! :)
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I miss young justice so much :( Wallyyy
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