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Published: February 4, 2011
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WB Animation, Prop/Character Design, YOUNG JUSTICE, Dick Grayson Gotham Academy High School Mathlete photo. Pencil, Digital Color.

In the "Schooled" episode, Superboy battles the evil android Amazo, created by the mad scientist, Professor Ivo. As the battle progresses, the combatants wind up crashing through the abandoned hallways of Gotham Academy High School during the night. There, in one of the school's display cases, is a photo of young Dick Grayson as a Mathlete honoree. If you blink, you might miss it entirely. Haha! It's a detail that helps to flesh out the "reality" of the YOUNG JUSTICE world, and I was called upon to illustrate this photo, following the art style established by Lead Character Designer, Phil Bourassa. I designed the Gotham Academy crest, inspired by those used in the Harry Potter films. I'm posting it here to give everyone a better look, and, as always, these color choices are my own.

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roseswirl78Student General Artist
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ChibiSophieHobbyist Digital Artist
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Be-the-real-meProfessional Traditional Artist
Seeing as you were one of the people behind Young Justice, I would greatly appreciate it if you would PLEASE commented on this piece I made about Cardcaptor Sakura and YJ Batman -…
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birdfIashHobbyist Artist
he's such a cute nerd hnnng
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he got a trophy and i got accelerated math class
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jessalynnyStudent Filmographer
YJ is such an awesome troll of a show.  I love little touches like these. 

So cool~
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SmlArtHobbyist General Artist
oh god this photo....damn you Conner, why'd you break the thropy?
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Dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you ♥♥
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SmlArtHobbyist General Artist
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danixtimmyStudent Artist
Dick if you were real and we went to the same school i would be your best friend and beat up all the bullies
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DemonQueen17Hobbyist General Artist
I like the design too.
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SarianaJHobbyist Writer
I noticed it the second time that I watched it. I managed to puase it in time to see the photograph properly. I expected a gymnastic or sport award, but not Mathlete!
M friend and I laughed when we saw what the trophy was for.
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TheBandGeekAlchemist General Artist
OMG!! just rewatched this episode!! i can't believe i didn't notice this before!!!! they focus on it for a whole ten seconds!!! (sigh) i feel blind -_-'
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TheBandGeekAlchemist General Artist
...but then superboy goes smashing right through it
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Nice! Too bad you couldn't give him the Dick Sprang hair curls, but this is an awesome second! Plus, as a civilian I might honestly not realize that this was Robin in disguise, so those subtleties are great.
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Jerome-K-MooreProfessional Filmographer
I didn't design this character. I was simply assigned to render him in this specific way. I believe that Phil Bourassa did play around with those trademark forelocks in the early stages, however.
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Okay. Wow, thanks for letting me know and replying! Regardless of the fact that you didn't design the character, it's an absolutely awesome rendering.
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Jerome-K-MooreProfessional Filmographer
You're welcome, and thank you. :)
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Seriously saw this and thought Artemis fowl smiling lol
Loved this ep cause we saw his face.
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Kitsu63Hobbyist General Artist
Wow I love it! It's beatiful and he's got class!!!
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Jerome-K-MooreProfessional Filmographer
Thanks! But he only has class during the day, when school is in session. lol
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Kitsu63Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, of course but's a part of his life^^
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