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WB Animation Character Design, YOUNG JUSTICE: PHANTOMS, Robotman.
Media: Digital.

In the Season 4 episode entitled, "Emergency Dive," the Doom Patrol's Robotman makes his second appearance in the series.  Previously, the character showed up in the Season 3 episode, "Night Monkeys," as part of a video game delusion for Garfield Logan.  That version was more stylistically cartoony, and so I was called upon to redesign Robotman in the more realistic style of YJ, originally established by Phil Bourassa.  I was also obliged to reference the DC Doom Patrol comics, as well as the live-action television series adaptation.
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I also found inspiration in the Second Season episode of LOST IN SPACE entitled, "Treasure of the Lost Planet," where space pirates use a robot's head-in-a-box as a doodlebug to locate hidden treasure.

"Good eee-ve-ning."

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