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YJST: PHANTOMS - Ice Statues Crack Sequence: One



WB Animation Prop Design, YOUNG JUSTICE: PHANTOMS, Fortress of Solitude JOR-EL and LARA Ice Statues.
Media: Digital art.

For the Fourth Season's penultimate episode entitled, "Over and Out," escapees from the Phantom Zone arrive on Earth at the North Pole location of Superman's Fortress of Solitude. As the villainous Dru-Zod and his wife Ursa charge their Kryptonian cells inside dual solar energy pods, Nightwing stealthily emerges from the open boom tube portal, and immediately leaps into action to interrupt the charging process.  Using a pair of explosive batarangs, he destroys the solar pods, evoking the rage of Lor-Zod, who hurls Nightwing across the chamber.  Nightwing crashes hard against the lower leg of the ice statue of Lara, mother to Superman, causing a chain-reaction of quickly spreading cracks to run up the length of the icy structure... (TO BE CONTINUED)
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