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STAR TREK: The Next Generation: Remembered One

Comic Book Cover Art, DC Comics, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. Pencil, Ink, Brush, Pen, Opaque gouache, China marker, and a cheap airbrush. lol

One of the all-time favorite Trek guest-stars, Suzie Plakson played the ill-fated K'Ehleyr, the half-Klingon, half-human mate of Lt. Worf. She bore him a son (Alexander), and partially raised him in secret before meeting her tragic death. Plakson, like Mark Lenard before her and other actors since, returned to the Trek universe to portray a variety of interesting characters. Another notable one was the Vulcan, Dr. Selar. She also played a member of the Q Continuum.

Oh yeah, Whoopi Goldberg's Guinan was fun to draw here, too. The difficulty in rendering her is the lack of eyebrows.
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Genius. Show off. :P
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i looooved Plaskon in Enterprise as the andorian soldier, she's a great guest star! Really nice pic btw :)
I agree ogrebear. Would have loved to see where the storyline would go.
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Such a shame they decided to off K'Ehleyr and not have her has a recurring character!

Great fanfic here about her not dying: [link]
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So~~~~ amazing... Each of them are exactly spot-on, and the details are perfect. They couldn't look more like the actual characters if they were black and white photographs. :)
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I loved that episode when they see each other again for the first time in the second season,
so passionate! And a little..ugly.
I thought for sure Worf was gonna sock her at any moment XD
Great job on this, and all your other works of Star Trek!
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Thank you!

Yes, Suzie Plakson was wonderful, providing the character with just the right amount of humor, sass, and ferocity. No doubt, she's the hottest Klingon since Mara, Kang's wife in the original series.
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Definitely :)
Ever notice how Klingons are all really ugly except for Worf and K'ehleyr? It's so funny!
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I soooo love K'Ehleyr....
Suzie Plakson was one of the best guest stars in the show together with Majel Barrett and John de Lancie, but you're right, poor Worf really has bad luck when it comes to women doesn't he?! It would've been so cool to see him marry K'Ehleyr the way he married Dax though! Klingon weddings seem like heavy metal concerts to me lol!
And I can only imagine how hard it must've been to draw Guinan, what with the lack of eyebrows and all! You have to have the shadow and bump there but no actual hair... She looks good though, you did an amazing job! And Worf looks great as well, I was always a bit sad that Michael Dorn had to wear so much make up, he's such a gorgeous man! I loved him on that episode with his human brother in which he didn't have the ridges... "Homeward" I think it was called.
Anyway, amazing job as usual :D
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Muchas gracias, Lola! :)

Along with your choices, I gotta toss in Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro Laren) as one of THE best guest stars on Trek Next Gen. Too bad she couldn't be a regular or semi-regular cast member.

Yeah, poor Worf. I never paid much attention to DS9, or the other Trek spin-off series, but I felt the Worf/Jadzia/Dax union was awkward and forced. Inferior writing there. And weird. With Jadzia Dax being symbiotic, Worf must've felt like he was being watched on their honeymoon! LOL! But then, maybe heavy metal Klingons are kinky like that.

Plus, every marital spat winds up being two against one! :D
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De nada ;)

lool! Yeah I wasn't a huge fan of the Worf/Jadzia/Dax relationship either, the symbiont thing there was just... disturbing! Like in that episode in which they first introduced the symbionts on TNG with poor Dr Crusher! You'd think Worf would've learned his lesson!
But then again, after K'Ehleyr I've never really liked any of the relationships for Worf, not even the one with Troi (although I'll admit, it was kinda fun to watch the two of them never quite being together :giggle: !)

Ooh Michelle Forbes, good one! I loved her as Ro Laren and she made me cry a lot as the daughter of that scientist in one of the Majel Barret episodes, I can't remember the name but it was really sad! (looked it up, it was the episode "Half a Life" [link])

Oh and of course Whoopi Goldberg, goes without saying ;)
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And yet you mentioned her anyway. LOL!

Yeah, Trek always had a penchant for recycling guest stars, going all the way back to the classic series' reusing of actor Mark Lenard as a Romulan Commander, and then later as Spock's father, Sarek. Then again, with actor William Campbell guest-starring as Trelane in, "Squire of Gothos," and then once more as Klingon Captain Koloth in "The Trouble With Tribbles," a role he ironically recreated under new Klingon make-up for the Deep Space Nine episode, "Blood Oath."
But our girl Suzie here is among the select few actors to portray more then two different alien species throughout one series run of Trek.

I've always liked Michelle Forbes. That "Half a Life" episode was a real tear-jerker. Very well written.
Forbes is a joy to watch, and she turned in yet another memorably stellar guest appearance on the new Battlestar Galactica, as Admiral Helena Cain.
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Lol! I did, didn't I?

You're absolutely right, I don't think I've ever actually thought about it but they do have a habit for recurring guest stars in all the series! Mark Lenard is one of my favourites, mainly because of that episode you said "Balance of Power". And even Diana Muldaur (Dr Pulaski) played two different characters in the classic series, I had completely forgotten!

I do love the three "original" klingons (Kang, Koloth and... Kor?), it seems that everytime they appeared in DS9 one of them dies! lol

And even James Cromwell for crying out loud! Lol! He played the prime minister in "The Hunted" and then that funny alien on "Birthright", Hanok in DS9 and the one and only Zefram Cochrane in First Contact! :D

(My, my, I'm just discovering I like Star Trek more than I thought I did lol! I've always been more of a SW person but I guess the prequels got me shifting fandoms a bit!)
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HaHa! Your little aside sparked a thought in my head, and I may use this now as a Journal Entry.

I always found it puzzling and amusing that sci-fi/fantasy fans somehow thought there needed to be a division of loyalties between those who loved Star Trek, and those who loved Star Wars. It's so ridiculous. It's as if they decided to select their favorite sports teams, and never the twain shall meet. If some attended Trek conventions, they would deride any who showed up in Star Wars regalia, and vice versa. The same silliness occurred between lesser show properties such as Quantum Leap, Stargate SG1, and the ever-loyal Babylon 5 crowd. I imagine there are battle lines drawn between the fandom of Potter, Lord of the Rings, and The Chronicles of Narnia, too.

I just shake my head over it all.

The same thing happens here on DA. A girl who loves Looney Tunes, and expresses her "devotion" by posting Bugs Bunny fan art, and joining clubs, is then chastised because she finds new excitement in Avatar, or some Japanese anime. It couldn't be more childish and dumb. It's ALL entertainment. All of it is there for all to enjoy. The only loyalty the creators care about is your patronage, which then translates to cash for them (see: Geroge Lucas). Beyond that, they couldn't care less, and they hide their disdain for the costumed and rabid fans behind practiced smiles while they sign $20 autographs at convention tables.
I suppose there's an aspect of fun rivalry for fans who delight in the schisms, competing with each other on various levels. It may begin as friendly discussions over lunch about an episode of their favorite television show airing the night before, or a movie they wish to recommend to the group. Once another fan's contrasting opinion or advice is shouted down, the competition ensues, and spreads to overblown proportion. Personally, I think this ventures into the "Get a Life" territory.

As Shatner cracked on that infamously poignant Saturday Night Live sketch, "It's just a TV show! You've all taken what I did --- years ago as a lark, and turned it into this colossal waste of time!"

Wisdom through Wit.
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I've always been aware that there was a certain rivalry between Star Trek fans and Star Wars fans (or Harry Potter fans and LotR fans and so on) but I never really thought it was... real somehow, probably because I'm the only one of my friends who likes stuff like Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter or LotR. So I get pretty much shut down everytime I even try to talk about it at all Lol!

The subject of "Fandom Wars" could probably fill a book, because as far as I know it's not only between fandoms, it's inside fandoms as well: Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny versus Harry/Hermione in the Harry Potter world, Captain Picard versus Captain Kirk in Star Trek, Prequels versus Classic Trilogy in Star Wars...
I mean, it's okay to have your preferences and it's a lot of fun to talk about them with "normal" people (by normal I mean people who won't jump at your throat for liking Attack of the Clones better than Empire Strikes Back) but like you said, you have to know when it's time to say "Gee, it's just a TV show!".

Ha ha ha! Shatner is a genius! That song he sang for George Lucas on his tribute show in 2005 was one of the funniest things I've ever heard "Live long and prosper George! ... Well, live long... You've already prospered enough!"
Wisdom throug Wit indeed.
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Well, I gotta say I understand the Classic Trilogy/Prequel Trilogy thing. LOL! I mean, that's essentially a matter of quality, even though taste remains a subjectively debatable endeavor. At Warner Bros, I once met another "artist" who insisted that Attack of the Clones was the greatest film of all time. And he wasn't one of the younger generation, whose exuberant rantings I might forgive due to naïvete. I wasted valuable work time trying to instruct him on proper narrative structure, character and plot development, thematic elements, and the staging of action sequences, ALL of which George Lucas neglected throughout the Star Wars prequels, and it all simply degenerated into worthless argument. I felt like an exasperated Yoda. LOL!
So THAT kind of bitter rivalry makes better sense, not comparing Picard to Kirk in order to decide who the best starship captain was. Take a stand and defend where deeper issues are defendable.

As Shatner would satirically say, "Never bite off more than you can Chew--BACCA..!"
Shatner: "Ahhh, shaddup!"

He was right. He COULD do Star Wars. :D
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Yeah, she's one of my favorites too...

Great drawing! Worf looks really good. She's great too, with that little smirk of hers :D
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very beautiful!
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Awesome, favorites ftw!

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wow I canonly imagine how painstaking this was....but the results speak for themselves man
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Thank you, sir.

Actually, this one wasn't all that painstaking, compared to others posted here in my gallery. This one flowed a bit more freely.
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XD I Love K'ehleyr, great pic!
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i really like your drawing of worf.
his overall face is very fierce - but the focus of just his eyes look soft and kind,
and of course, lonely :)
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