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STAR TREK: The Next Generation: Brother's Keeper

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Comic Book Cover, DC Comics, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. Pencil, ink, china marker, gouache, zip-a-tone shading film. A surrealistic visit to the Holodeck for Worf, Picard, and Geordi LaForge. Data had apparently lost his head again, and Geordi was stuck with a mystery.

The texture of Geordi's 3-piece suit was achieved by laying two sheets of adhesive zip-a-tone shading film on top of one another at a 30 to 40 degree angle, creating what is referred to as a moire effect.
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silent-mage's avatar
My favorite duo are the main subject..i love it
Rose-WolfeXX's avatar
Dude, this is frakking awesome. Seriously. Fantastic job here.
KaizokuShojo's avatar
Love it, love it, love it. I really like your attention to detail.
And is that supposed to be Reg?
Really like are these still for sale anywhere...?
Nemesis12's avatar
Ooh, this is amazing.
Shaniah's avatar
VEry great job!
P-JoArt's avatar
That's wonderful! Awwww Data's expression is so... dataish! X°DDDD
OMG there are TNG comics? Why I didn't know??? O__o I wanna read them!!!! T________T
pralinkova-princezna's avatar
Great work! Not really my style, but that had to be hard to make.
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
Thank you!

It wasn't easy to do, but I had fun.

I understand that lots of people are obsessed with the Japanese manga/anime style these days... for some reason.

Oh well. :)
pralinkova-princezna's avatar
I like anime style, but realism even more. :) I prefer colours too.
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
I see.

I think achieving the proper balance in realistic illustration is best. If an illustration gets too realistic, it too closely mimics a photograph, and then there's little point. It becomes merely a stunt without viewpoint or expression. That's fine if your objective is simply to deceive the viewer by proving you can simulate photography. Before the invention of the camera, this was indeed a great feat. But now? Just take a photograph. lol

As far as color, there are times when black and white is preferable, just as it can be in cinema. Color can distract from the details and nuances of a well-rendered illustration, diminishing certain effects the artist originally intended. My Star Trek cover illustrations were done with this in mind, never relying on color to uplift or rescue the design or composition. In fact, I was most often disappointed by the color application in the final publication.
KaizokuShojo's avatar
"I think achieving the proper balance in realistic illustration is best. If an illustration gets too realistic, it too closely mimics a photograph, and then there's little point. It becomes merely a stunt without viewpoint or expression."

:thumbsup: Awesome.
pralinkova-princezna's avatar
Well, I like realistic portraits and I admire if somebody can imitate a photo-like quality. I have nothing against good photos or b/w pictures though.
Was your drawing aimed at imitating old style of comics?
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
With regard to "styles," old is a relative term. Styles evolve and revolve constantly, so that anything 'old' becomes new again. This illustration was done in the 80s, I believe. So, if the techniques utilized seem dated now, that might explain it. However, as I look at it now, I don't know if I'd do anything drastically different if I were to render it today.
I'm not big into the latest trends. I just express myself as honestly as I can, to my own satisfaction, with little concern for popular "styles."
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Is pretty much all I can soldier up.
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
No, there's no cow sex here. LOL! Sorry.

Such language! ;)
lily-fox's avatar
I'm sorry, total brainless awe inspires a lot of vernacular in me. :)
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
Spectacular vernacular!

No worries.

I'm honored by your awe, and if I manage to inspire, then that is a sweet reward. :)

I had the privilege of actually meeting actor Brent Spiner once, on the lot at Paramount. He was shooting a scene, but came out to meet my art team and I. He was in full age-make-up as Data's creator, Dr. Noonian Soong. I imagine your expletives REALLY would've been freely blurting had you been there. LOL!
lily-fox's avatar
"My art team". :) What to do with you. I don't even know. So what did/do you do on the set?

That sounds like a heck of an experience! So was he a gent to you?
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
What's wrong with the phrase 'my art team?' LOL! Did I misspeak?
These were the other artists involved on the Star Trek comic books, Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr, and colorist Tom McCraw. On occasion, DC Comics would arrange through Paramount for us to tour the studio sets, sketching for reference (Because I'm local, I got to visit there a few more times than the others.).
Yes, Mr. Spiner was quite the gentleman, and he accepted a caricature of himself from Arne Starr. It was of Data as Superman, titled, "The Man of Shlameel," yiddish humor. He got a good laugh.

But I was even more impressed by Patrick Stewart. As we were leaving, he came walking up the lane, on his way to supportively watch Brent shoot his scenes. His charm as an actor, and as a Brit were readily apparent. However, he had the amazing ability to be intimidating at the same time as charming. As I spoke to him, his attention became riveted on me, as if I was the only person in the vicinity. It made me nervous, but also made it seem that he felt whatever I had to say was important. Truly a special man, with a powerful presence.
I had watched him before (though I didn't meet him then) as he was shooting a Ready Room scene with Romulan Admiral Jarok in the episode, "The Defector." This was the pivotal scene, and the quiet on the set was deafening, as the actors performed. I nearly applauded despite myself. LOL!
I was visiting with my sisters, and we met Michael Dorn, and Gates McFadden that day.
lily-fox's avatar
No no, you misunderstood me. :) I'm just tickled to know anyone with an art team. It thrills me.

I've met some people like Mr. Stewart, who have that arresting way of paying attention. He seems indelibly charming and I'm so glad you got a chance to meet so many excellent people and see such wonderful things. The idea of Hollywood makes me jumpy, but it's nice to know that people conduct themselves with grace and humility and passion.

You're a lucky guy, and I expect you deserve every bit of it. :)
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
Ah! Elegance with Eloquence. A deeper layer of your character is revealed to me. I like it.

And, thank you.
ergonomic-crab's avatar
great job....once again, how long do these drawings take you? and i was wondering do you think you can draw me something, or just draw it for fun :)......master chief for halo2... much detail on him... serach it up, see if you can draw would look really cool!
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