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STAR TREK: TNG: Strangers In Strange Lands

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Comic Book Cover Art, DC Comics, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION. Pencil, Ink , Brush, Pen, Opaque gouache, China marker.

This issue's story is linked to the other one whose cover art is posted elsewhere in my gallery, entitled "Strange New Worlds." This illustration shows closer detail of the alien costumes I cooked up for our Enterprise crew. As an abstract touch, I placed the characters in panels, rounding off the edges in keeping with the show's Okudagraphics, and using the transporter effect at the top. Their destination is obviously the mountain city depicted at the bottom of the drawing, which I deliberately gave a foreboding look.
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Looking at all these covers I am so impressed by the cool design and artistry in them - makes me wish the series were still going so that I could read the stories these are covers for!  Also you're amazing at making pictures that actually look like the actors.  No wonder they stipulated you had to be on board when DC took on Star Trek again.
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Raised on Trek, Love it!
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jaime9526Hobbyist Traditional Artist
there was an awesome painting..may have been you, may havee been someone else...from had picard and crusher as arthur as guinevere either side of a painting of Yar as a knight on horseback, with data also as knight to the side...think it was a cover of a 'seroious' analysis book at the time. Even if it wasn;t you, you should check out, as its very much in a similar vein to the idea you seem to like of the next gen era crew as almost classical heroes.
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KaizokuShojoHobbyist Traditional Artist
Absolutely and completely amazing. Spot-on yet again.
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funygirl38Hobbyist Photographer
I do love Brent Spiner, what a fantast..oh heck, you're a professional, all the flowery praises in the world couldn't do it justice. I take my hat off to you.
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Lhunweth Digital Artist
You re-created their likenesses wonderfully! I love art that portrays Trek characters out of their regular uniforms. Your costuming choice is right in line with what I would have expected to see on the show.
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Jerome-K-MooreProfessional Filmographer
Thank you.

I didn't spend a lot of thought and time on this piece. I would do a much better job now.
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NeumaticHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love their alien costumes.
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*sigh* data... :kiss:
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wow this is nice! I love Star Trek
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I don't know what to say ... other than it's extremely well done. :star:

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Jerome-K-MooreProfessional Filmographer
Like a burned hamburger. LOL! That "star" you tacked on reminded me of Carl's Jr. burger joints.

Thanks, Heidi!
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what tool are you using to create the cloud effect?
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Jerome-K-MooreProfessional Filmographer
As listed, it's either opaque gouache, or china marker.
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knaccHobbyist Artisan Crafter
this is amazing
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