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SCOOBY-DOO and the Legend of the Phantosaur

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WB Animation Character Design, SCOOBY-DOO AND THE LEGEND OF THE PHANTOSAUR. Phantosaur One. Pencil, digital color.

It was a fun challenge to draw this beastie as a dinosaur that never existed. I basically combined a Spinosaurus with a T-Rex. These colors are my own selections. Several designs were submitted, including a couple raptors. The project is a Direct-to-Video feature called SCOOBY-DOO: AND THE LEGEND OF THE PHANTOSAUR. It's-- like-- Wow! A real blast! Check it out! Here's a link to the exciting trailer online:…

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Hey guess what, I too own the spinosaurus figure you based the pose off! I recognised it straight away! XD…
But I love your drawing :O
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
Yeah, those PAPO dinosaur figures are wonderful.  And they sure came in handy when I got this surprise assignment!  Hey, if you have good figures that make awesome reference, using them makes them pay for themselves.  :)
pinkheartwolf123's avatar
i love the phantosaur
Letdragon's avatar
Seriously killer. :D
LostHellAngel's avatar
I love your art work and the movie!!!! Go Scooby-Doo!!!!! :D
herofan135's avatar
Awesome work here, great job on the detail and pose!
bluefinnedbabe's avatar
You are so flippin amazing at dinosaurs!
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This looks so freaken awesome. Like its from a animated movie. Really nice work :D
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
Thank you.
It's a design for SCOOBY-DOO: LEGEND OF THE PHANTOSAUR, available on DVD.
VenomEXsoldier's avatar
Oh nice, well check it out!
multidinoguy's avatar
That's Funny It looks like a Dinosaur from Scooby Doo Legend of The Phantosaur.
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
Sharp eye, multi dino guy!
multidinoguy's avatar
Thanks! But for what?
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
For recognizing this design as being from SCOOBY-DOO: LEGEND OF THE PHANTOSAUR.
multidinoguy's avatar
Hey do you know Where I can find another version of that Rampaging Allosaur Picture? You know the one without the Deviant-art sign on it. Please? I mean you don't have to do it if you don't have to.
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
That DA "watermark" is there for copyright protection. I could remove it, but to what purpose?
multidinoguy's avatar
I just wanted to print out that picture & show to a friend of mine. I'm sorry. I would like to ask you for permission. But it would be kinda hard to compromise with copyright because I might get arrested. Like I said. I am very very sorry.
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
No, you wouldn't get arrested. It's not that big a deal. But doesn't your friend have a computer?
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if this isn't for a tv show is animated film like emerald knights? xD
KatePfeilschiefter's avatar
So, Jurassic park cartoon show?
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Nope. The cat is still scarier.
haha, now there's another Dino to put inside the batcave!
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Interesting colors. And nice shading. I like it.
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