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WB Marketing Art, SCOOBY-DOO. Pencil, marker, digital color.

Another Photoshop exercise, coloring up one of my old drawings.

Like, WOW! With the classic cartoon characters, I'm not a fan of over-rendering with shadows, highlights, and other effects that strive to make them appear more three-dimensional. Usually, these characters come off looking too ceramic as a result (see any Disney or WB video packaging). With the elaborate and magnificently painted backgrounds on which such cartoon characters often appear, I feel that their flat and simple color achieves the proper contrast, as was intended by the original artists. Increasingly, in this modern era, the aim is to inject more and more realism into our cartoons, severely tipping the balance, and diluting the enjoyment (in my opinion). The Hanna-Barbera cartoons were especially deliberate in their design of flat character volumes, which actually accentuates the inherent humor. So it is with Scooby-Doo, and I prefer that this distinct quality be preserved as it was originally meant to be. Jinkies! Please pardon my mini-rant. Hahaha!

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