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WB Product Art, Harry Potter and the Nimbus 2000, HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS. Pencil. No matter what we tried, it was nearly impossible to render an illustration of Harry on that bloody broom without there being phallic implications. Children, go ask Daddy.

It's no wonder their quid itches when they ride those bloomin' broomsticks! lol I don't know what that means either...
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Your artwork is simply amazing. I love your line quality! It's beyond brilliant!
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Wow! Thanks so much! :D
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Very nice work ^^
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really great!!
LOVE it!!

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XD If you read Quidditch Through The Ages, J.K. says that the brooms have cushioning charms on them! Better hope so or you're absolutely right! I long this drawing, you really captured the image!
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Yes, I read that book. The broomstick solution is a bit of a stretch, but at least it attempts to explain a very uncomfortable issue.

Thanks! :)
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I'd be the person constantly slipping off the side of the broom!
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fantastic movement pose :) love it
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A few days ago I decided to try drawing a quidditch player. I have to say, this and your other quidditch pics are some of the best I've seen anywhere... and I looked around. It was really helpful to me for ideas and such!
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this is awesome. i just recently did one as well:)
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This is amazing! You've drawn the pose and proportions perfectly! I love the style here. It would be incredible coloured aswell! *faves*
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Phallic association aside, this is a remarkable illustration. The likeness is excellent, and your use of line weight and heavy shade are fabulous.
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Yeah... theres kinda no avoiding the phallic thing but it doesn't matter in this case its just great. Beautiful rendering
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:rofl: That must have made flying very difficult... Very difficult indeed. :giggle:
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