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Comic Book Cover, Innovation Comics, LOST IN SPACE. Pencil, ink, china marker, gouache. Here I got a chance to collaborate with another pal, artist, Jason Palmer. Having befriended actor Bill "Will Robinson" Mumy, I was recommended by him to furnish art for his comic book version of the 60s television series. On this piece, Jason provided rough layout and pencils for me, then I finalized things, and embellished with inks.
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I collected this comic! I was really digging the stories and art. I thought Innovation had really, finally got Lost In Space a foot-hold in the comic book world and then the co. folded! What a damn shame. Your are is, as ever, fantastic! Your love and nostalgia for the old show shows in the art.
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I love this. Lost in Space is one of my absolute favorites.
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Pretty cool!!!
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Loved the show. Watched it with my dad growing up in syndication on Sunday mornings before church. (As a kid) love the work you do.
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I know and watched " lost in space " 40 years ago?
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this is spectacular. absolutely wonderful piece!!!
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Wow, love it. Is a poster available?
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I miss this comic series soooooo much. Outstanding art and great story lines.
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I have that music. But it's not from the right version of the show. That feature film tried hard, but was considered a disappointment by many fans. :(
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Wonderful memories from youth. Thank you and good work...
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Woo! So nice to see some fan art from the original series, and this by and far is just spectacular. Great job!
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But this isn't really fan art. It was printed as a back cover for an actual comic book issue of LOST IN SPACE. :)
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i dig the likenesses, the composition, the layout of the lights and darks, the technique, and so on. it both gets into the comic style, and yet not, and it gets some of the paperback cover sort of look, but again, not literally. now for the bad news: if you watch the original half dozen or so episodes of LIS, it is serious science fiction, the way i like it, with a touch of comic relief (not to belabor this, but that's the way of a lot of old Asimov/Heinlein broad characters/situations were). After all of that, the show went all gaga humor, as they were trying to compete with 'Batman' on the other network. that's a true story. take another look at the show. Aaaahhh.... the science fiction that never really was....
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I know, the show basically began pandering due to the success of network competition. But as a kid, I still enjoyed it all, despite the goofy "deterioration" of the show's direction. I might have preferred that LiS remain straighter in its sci-fi approach, but I doubt it would have lasted as long anyway.
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Absolutely great illustration. Only nitpicking comment I might make is not remembering Angela Cartwright looking quite so... windswept.
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Artistic license.
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I like how you did Penny. You made her look rather...bewitching...
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I remember this cover. The finished color was awesome as well :thumbsup:
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