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Comic Book Cover Art, DC Comics, STAR TREK (annual). Pencil, Ink, Brush, Pen, Opaque gouache, China marker, Zip-a-Tone shading film.

Captain/Admiral/Captain Kirk through the ages.
For my money, the greatest Starfleet captain of all.
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I have this comic.
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I still have this comic.
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I loved this cover. Past, present and always IMHO, the greatest Starship captain - James T. Kirk.
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7daywalkProfessional Traditional Artist
I'm pretty sure I had this issue. did Curt Swan do the interior work?
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Jerome-K-MooreProfessional Filmographer
Good question. I don't recall the interior art or artist. I don't believe it was Mr. Swan.
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This is amazing! I love it <3
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bcbdrumsHobbyist General Artist
i really like this concept :)
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bcbdrumsHobbyist General Artist
hmm... this was meant to be a pic comment, how did it get here... on the one with kirk through the ages, and the UFP logos.
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KaizokuShojoHobbyist Traditional Artist
THE HAIR. :XD: It's all fantastic. :)
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I've always loved your STAR TREK work. I grew up reading the old DC adaptation and my favorite covers were the ones you did. You were one of my biggest inspirations when I was developing my artistic style. I always wanted to see what you'd do with a full issue instead of just the covers, but alas it never happened.
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Jerome-K-MooreProfessional Filmographer
Thank you very much.

Yeah, I'm a perfectionist, and I've always tended to work slowly. This made it virtually impossible for DC to consider assigning me an arc of stories to illustrate on their schedule. And I was unwilling to compromise on quality. There were a couple times where I came close (I believe I almost completed a few interior pages for a "ST: The Next Generation" Trek special for Marvel Comics.).
The thing is, I find it difficult to get inspired unless it's an epic story, not a run-of-the-mill script. Since I know I would only have one blast to fire from my phaser bank, I want it to be a kill shot. Haha!
Maybe someday. IDW told me they would be interested, and I find that very encouraging.
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Well if you need any assistance I'm available. Of course, like you I tend to work slowly and am way over-critical of myself. I'm never satisfied with the finished piece no matter how good others think it is. All I see are all the things I should have done.
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simplecoffeeHobbyist Writer
Oh, Captain Awesome :heart:
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Anariel-ErestorHobbyist General Artist
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There is a LOT of Kirklove in this lol XD
I luv this ~~
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Jerome-K-MooreProfessional Filmographer
Kirk was always my favorite Trek character.
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Mine too. These days I like Kirk, AND McCoy too.
They are both awesome.
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SnowBunny91Hobbyist General Artist
Who do you work for? Take me to your leaders!
Gahh! I'm so jealous!
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JayWEccentProfessional Artist
I love this one. The detail is wonderful and it looks like Mr. Shatner!
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undead-medicProfessional General Artist
Featured: [link]
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Aother one of my fav covers,great story too ,most notable Curt Swan's delightful layout's.Curt is another one of my inspirations too,he gave Superman his heart and more.-James
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Jerome-K-MooreProfessional Filmographer
Indeed he did. A heart of steel.
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WOW. I luff Kirk and this is a beautiful piece. I think I like the rendition on the right the best. :XD: A must-fav!
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your work is amazin, and so precise, how long have you been doing this kind of work?
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