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WB Product Art, Kayley, QUEST FOR CAMELOT. Pencil.

Here is the original line art to the illustration appearing on the current DVD package art for the WB animated feature. This is what it looked like before it was butchered by a freelance artist, who slapped a nasty color/paint job on top of it. His amateurish techniques of rendering airbrushed highlights and shadows, defying all logic or sense of aesthetic, made Kayley look as if she's a piece of ceramic, clothes, hair and all.

I was unable to have a say regarding this "artist," since he was close friends with my art director at the time, and is married to the art director who was later hired.

Okay. Here's a link to the DVD "color" version, posted in my Scraps Gallery. Feel my pain. lol
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I guess the one downside to being a pro artist is working your fingers off for a piece like this only to see it butchered by some unqualified hack.

At least you're able to showcase the original here. Your linework is fantastic
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That just ain't right, I'm sorry this happened to you :stare: your line art is beautiful!
TeenCat's avatar
I KNEW there was something wrong with that picture! I glanced at the front cover of my DVD and the back, and I thought "They look nothing alike... I mean Kayley looks 'cute' on the back... but...."
This explains everything.
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The lineart are absolutely gorgeous!

Wonderful job you did :heart:
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she's adorable~ :D
Vrykol-akas's avatar
Well, damn. I was seven years old when I watched QFC and I was so in love with it. It's quite of a thrill to find you in dA now, really!
LaurenGreiner's avatar
Oh, I feel your pain. How horrible is it when someone just steps in and completely mars your beautiful art? So sorry to hear that happened, but I love your sketches regardless. This is one of my favorite animated films ever. I remember seeing it in theaters when I was about 9. I think I saw it twice I loved it so much... :D Good times.
RoxySavage's avatar
that was a a good movie.
Lilikwee's avatar
I bought the DVD! And your picture is on the back!
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
Not quite my picture, in the way I would have intended. :(
Lilikwee's avatar
I know what you mean. But you still drew the lines, so I still count it as yours. Even though the colours aren't up to your standards. I was still happy to actually have bought the DVD with your picture on it.
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
Bless your kind heart.
Shortene's avatar
I love all your quest for camelot work, they are so amazing! <333
Nanaku's avatar
eep! that movie is awesome. your lineart looks just like her!
Lilikwee's avatar
I love Kayley! Huraa! I haven't seen anything about this in so long, happy you drew it and did a good job! =D
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
I'm surprised you recognize her, since her hair wasn't like this in the movie, I don't think.
Lilikwee's avatar
It wasn't. But I recognised the face and the clothes. I think her hair was generally tied up. I was so happy when I saw her! I haven't seen that in so long! I recongnised her, but thought it was just me, then I read your description and I was right!
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
You certainly were right! :)
Smart one, you are.

Thanks for browsing through. There's plenty more QUEST and Kayley art to be found in my gallery.
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Wow, this really is the picture on the DVD!! :wow: So cool, it's amazing to see a real illustrator on DevArt!! :shamrock::dance::shamrock:
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
Not so amazing, HazukiGirl. There are lots and lots of professionals here on the site. :)
HazukiGirl's avatar
O_O Really??!! Wow!!! That's so cool!!! :wow::wow: I guess I've never come across any others so far ><
Quest-For-Camelot's avatar
i've always liked this pic! :)
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