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WB Animation Character Design, JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS. Pencil, Digital color.

Here's more stuff from the "If You Blinked, You Missed It" department. A while back, for the Direct-To-Video feature, "JUSTICE LEAGUE: Crisis on Two Earths," I was asked to design several other minor level "Made Men." These are super-powered flunky bad guys who help the evil Crime Syndicate control the Earth of another dimension.
In a brief shot, a computer readout displays a roster of character groupings, each headed up by a Syndicate Boss (like Owlman, Ultraman, or Superwoman).
As usual, I decided to have a little more fun with the designs, no matter that these would only be on screen for a second or less.

So, here we have MANHAWK (a Hawkman alternate), MARY MAYHEM (an evil variation of Mary Marvel), MR. HORRIFIC (You can guess that one.), MEGAMORPHO (Too easy!), and THE SHE-BAT (a mix of Man-Bat, and The Catwoman).
Along with the designs, I made up their silly names.

I had fun with these. I hope you get a kick out of them!

*** It must be mentioned that all these character designs were done in a style inspired and approved by Lead Character Designer, Phil Bourassa.

As always, the color choices are mine, and I accept any blame. Haha!

*** At this very moment (2/22/2011), I have been informed of the sudden death of Dwayne McDuffie, the writer of this show, and creator of so many characters in the DC Universe. We are shaken and saddened here at Warner Bros. I pray for strength and comfort for his loved ones in this time of tragedy.
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These guys look funny.

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And these three

what heroes are they the counterparts of ?

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totally awesome, love them
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Wasn't superwoman actually the evil version of Mary Marvel in the film?
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
That's the rumor. ;)
Mentor6pclear's avatar
And on the movie she was actually blonde with blue eyes. Kara
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I like the Hawk man mask.
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"Mr Horrific".

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It would be cool if She-Bat was a counterpart of Batgirl.  Like maybe young Barbara Gordon wanted to work for Owlman but he wouldn't let her so instead Supewoman took her under her wing and gave her a bat serum.
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Superwoman was originally Wonder Woman's Earth-3 counterpart. In one of the countless variations of the character, she had a secret ID of "Lois Lane." That's only ONE VERSION... I thought the secret ID wasn't necessary since in most storylines the Criminal Syndicate very much hold their entire world hostage and there wouldn't be a point for more powerful members like Ultraman and Superwoman to have secret ID's.
There are reports that Superwoman in the direct-to-video film was intended to be her world's "Mary Marvel" but I never bought that myself. She looks nothing like the Marvel Family character; they have similar powers but that's about it.
Remember, though, that the animated shows often follow their own continuities even though they dip into the original comic book stories.
They never go for straight adaptations because a) it's boring to do the same thing over and over again; b) sometimes people have a new angle that actually works out well for a series and may get incorporated into the comic line; c) most people who watch the TV shows have never read a comic and likely never will... KISS principle which comics (at least Marvel's and DC's) abandoned decades ago.
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Nice job! I'm somewhat obsessed with the Crisis on Two Earths. Just a question, if Mary Mayhem is Mary Marvel's Counterpart, then who is Superwoman's?

P.S. Can I know the names of the lesser-known henchmen/made men?
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Your comment is old, should I still answer the questions?
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I have Identified Another! After looking at them, I can deduce that one is an alternate counterpart of the Terrance Sloane Mr. Terrific! Or it could be an alternate Space Ghost. But that doesn't seam very likely.
njg12's avatar
Scratch that. It actually resembles the Atom a bit more. That is my final answer.
njg12's avatar
Another! The yellow one is a counterpart of the Kyle Rayner Green Lantern, partially inspired by the Yellow Lantern Bizaro character
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There were a few other made men in Superwoman's list on that screen. I can identify most as counterparts for Wildcat, Sandman, Power Girl, Doctor Fate, Zatanna, Firestorm, Red Tornado, Blue Beetle, Cyborg, and Swamp Thing. What are the other three.
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You have a sharp eye, and a vast knowledge of DC Comics characters.
Try asking Dusty Abell about those. He designed them. :)
njg12's avatar
Is He on Deiviantart
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
He is indeed. Just use this doorway on the left: [link]
njg12's avatar
He hasn't responded, and i have asked him twice in two days. Is there something you can do to at least get him to answer.
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
No. Dusty is free to do as he chooses, the same as you and me. It could be that he just hasn't seen your messages yet. You must be patient. On the other hand, if he elects not to respond at all, that also is his right, and you must also accept that possibility.
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Even though you cant say officially, can you at least guess who those characters are.
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