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WB Animation Special Projects, DC SHOWCASE, THE SPECTRE.  Pencil, Ink.

For the Direct-To-Video collection of original animated shorts highlighting Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam, I was assigned to design the Spectre cover for a fake comic book that would appear in the live-action teaser opening to the Spectre's animated short.  As the live-action teaser unfolds, the audience point-of-view is that of a patron entering a comic book specialty store (the beloved House of Secrets in Burbank), meandering past various comic book geeks (including Bruce Timm himself!), when the viewpoint halts upon a slowly whirling spinner rack.  The spinner rack stops, and the viewpoint zooms in to focus on a singular issue of-- THE SPECTRE!

I had never drawn the character before, but I had the model provided by director Joachim Dos Santos to draw from, and I think it turned out all right.  Color and special effects were furnished by another artist unknown to me.  I hope you like it, and thanks so much for viewing! 

*The Spectre is the copyrighted property of DC Entertainment.
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excellent use of perspective
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There really should be more showcases.
It was a brilliant means to promote multiple unknown character properties.
It could really make them viable resources. Instead, they opted for Catwoman to be the last one, a character who is by no means and unknown.
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That was such an awesome short! Really made me fall in love with the Spectre.
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So great man, love this stuff!
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De nada sir- you just keep posting amazing stuff, as always, hard not to love it all!
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