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Comic Book Cover, Star Trek. DC Comics. Brush and ink. It was my intent to move the Star Trek comics away from the standardized comic-book look, and more toward the movie poster, bookjacket design style. Though this meant portraying far less dynamic action, I felt they would stand out more as designed art. Plus, it made Paramount happy. lol Nuff said.

* I must acknowledge the works of the late, great artist, Robert Peak as a major influence in the style and design direction of this illustration. His art for the Star Trek feature film one-sheet posters remain an inspiration.

Oh! I need to relate this story!
I was so late on this cover that my editor reassigned it right from under me with no notification. The problem for me was that I was sick and tired of inkers butchering my pencil art. The technique I was now using to render the realistic likenesses of the Trek crew was very delicate cross-hatch texture, and the last straw was when an inker (who I shall not name) just scratched ink all over one of my pieces, and used a dead line-screen for the rest. I was LIVID! I promised myself I would NEVER let that happen again, especially not with THIS cover, my first chance to illustrate the vintage Trek crew in all their television glory! So I mustered up the courage to ink my own work. THIS-- represents the very first time my own inked work was ever published, and I'm very proud of it.

I sent it in late, and didn't hear from my editor at all. Days went by, and I finally called him. He was blasé. He said that the cover was fine, and that although he had commissioned another, he was replacing that one with mine. THANKS for telling me! They gave me a standard cover rate. My editor had also sent a pay voucher through without my knowledge OR signature.

But the bottom line for me was that I had proven to myself that I could do it. I have never looked back. I've inked virtually all my own work since, and have gone on to ink and be requested to ink other artists. Ironically, this cover was the "bottom line" for DC's Star Trek as well. Their license had expired with this issue, and it wasn't to be renewed until years later. Paramount had not had the best relationship with DC Comics, and they didn't appreciate the addition of all-new characters, and the drastic dip in story quality and art.
When things started up again, I was informed that Paramount wanted certain assurances from DC, and my participation was one of them. I was deeply honored. And the rest is history! LOL!
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Masterful! Please provide a link where to buy the graphic novels in black-and-white (not colored, except the cover), because I can't seem to find them anywhere. THX
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Haha, I love the story behind this so much! Great job for having the courage to proving yourself in inking! This is very much like the original movie posters like you said, yet you give it your own spice and rendition to it! It pays homage so well! I think this is far better than the typical comic book covers, and I think this would've greatly impressed and attracted attention if it was so unique like this! Beautiful details and skill you have here, I very much love the addition of lines and the atmosphere says "Star Trek" and "Space" all over it. Great job!!
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Thanks so much!  :D
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You're very welcome!
hi nice work
please can you give me this brush for illustrator
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I think this was the first Star Trek comic I ever bought. The cover sold me on it.
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This is a beautiful piece of art. I agree with your intent to change the style: if any science fiction comic book deserves it, it's Star Trek.
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good move, very classic and stand alone /;{>
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Had to come back and look at this after you posting the DSN cover. This is the stuff dreams are made off.
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Uh, this is f***ing awesome!!
Do you have anything left?
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Maybe only a couple pieces, including one that was not for publication.
Is this one for sale?
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Maybe. But not by me. Unfortunately, I sold this illustration (along with many others) many years ago, for a very cheap price.
Very nice Star Trek cover and the likenesses are spot on!

I do see the movie poster connection there... They had stripey/"transporter effects" bordering the character portraits in the painted release posters I've seen for Star Trek: TMP and Star Trek VI. The Star Trek III and V movie posters had a "warp drive" effect around the character portraits. (At least one of the Trek III posters technically had the warp drive lines converge on Spock's image.) The ST IV primary theatrical poster just had the movie title warping into the Earth... That may be one of the few posters for the TOS posters that didn't feature the characters or at least the Enterprise.

Too bad about "Young Justice"... People don't realize how a lot of these shows are driven by toy sales and other merchandising. Also, when there are mergers between companies (latest -- LucasFilm and Disney), there are going to be casualities as jobs get cut and projects-in-production get revamped or cancelled. There are also some personality politics in play and people in the industry DO sabotage other people's projects/shows out of spite and also to further their own careers.

A more innocent scenario is a move to break from one direction and go in another -- that's what I think happened with Spectacular Spider-Man and why "Ultimate Spider-Man" (which I still think is an inferior TV series compared to the earlier Spider-Man show) went in the direction it did. I don't believe anything sinister happened with YJ... The toy sales were weak (arguably not the best made/sculpted figures) and DC animated projects are at a time when some parts of the operation are under greater scrutiny before. The ratings and merchandizing are more critical than ever. I think the way the series was scheduled and aired on Cartoon Network didn't help, either.

Getting back to Star Wars and what's happening now --

Disney has its own plans for Star Wars and I don't think continuing "Clone Wars" was one of them... Now that they've announced the next film WILL feature Original Trilogy characters, I think they're backing away from the Prequels and their era to push for the Han-Leia-Luke-their kids/proteges storylines.

One bit of warning, though... It's been 30 years since Return of the Jedi, and, as I look around me, nobody's gotten younger. Five words: Indiana Jones' last movie stunk. Doesn't help that some of us begin look like "death warmed over" as we age.

All that said, the main reason the last Indy film was bad was the storyline. Aliens??? Really, guys???!?!?? A ton of religious artifacts (Spear of Destiny, Noah's Ark, Excalibur, etc.) and mythical civilizations (Atlantis, Lemuria, Shangri-La, Prestor John's Kingdom, El Dorado, various legendary kingdoms in Africa, Asia, and South America) that could have been used BUT they decided to go the "Ancient Aliens" route.

Whether you buy into the ancient aliens theories or not, it's rarely pulled off successfully in entertainment. Plausible or not, it's a goofy theory. (NOTE: I believe in plenty of things that are "crazy" but even I know when you work on something that's NOT comedy OR have to interact with the public have to pull back on the goofy stuff.) Goofy ideas are hard to produce without coming off silly... There has to be a level of believability even in fantasy/fiction. Sure, if it's comedy that's ONE thing. BUT if you're trying to produce an action/adventure film with some seriousness you sort of shoot yourself in the foot before the first foot of film gets shot! Bad choice of a storyline direction by GL. I guess SS was too much of a friend or UFO-phile to suggest an alternative. A new Indy film with Ford shouldn't have been made 20 years since the last one at any rate... Sean Connery did his last Bond film 12 years after "Diamonds Are Forever" and it didn't turn out so well, either.
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May is going to be one hell of a month for Trek fans
Thanks again for the work you did with DC and Trek. I have the entire run, and I was disappointed as a reader when the art and stories were all over the place. Do you do any comics at present, and if so what are they?
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Thank you!

At the current time, I'm kept fairly busy in the animation field. But I still love comics, and hope to do some fun stuff in the future.
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This always was one of my all-time favorite comic covers. It's really cool to be able to personally thank the guy who drew it, so thanks for the art! :)
I was reading these comics back in "tha day" and remember your covers vividly. You were the only artist who could faithfully 1) capture the actual likenesses of the characters/actors; and 2) actually draw the Enterprise perfectly in proportion, symmetry and persepective. That second one especially is what I have used to judge other Trek artists. Over the succeeding years, I have not found many that could do the Enterprise justice like you did.

Thanks for sharing the background story. It was entertaining and enlightening. And makes me want to go find a back-issue of it now.
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