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Animation Character Design, Gesture Sheet, Marvel Animation Studios, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, Hawkeye.  Pencil, Digital ink and color.

For Season One of AVENGERS ASSEMBLE, my task was to adapt the art style and model designs established by Jeff Wamester.  "Gesture Sheets" (also referred to as "Expression Sheets") are often done depicting various action poses, feature or costume details, distinctive traits or anatomy, and situational expressions in order to provide the overseas animators with an optimum amount of information.  Hawkeye can be a tough character to handle, mostly due to his archery theme.  To help facilitate matters on my end, I referenced the works of the great Brazilian artist, Rodolfo Damaggio for a couple shots of Hawkeye using his bow.  It was important to show the character doing this from interesting and dynamic angles, as well as on the move.  Whether or not these poses would be translated directly to the screen is not especially critical.  Gesture Sheets are primarily reference material.

My sojourn at Marvel Animation Studios was my introduction to illustrating exclusively within the computer, and I was required to "jump into the deep end of the pool" rather quickly, so to speak, using a Cintiq.  It must be noted that I have finished off this art long after the fact, and the color selections and shadow treatments are my own, just for fun and further practice.  The final version of the character as seen on television does differ from this one.  I hope you like it, and I hope this text has been informative.
Thanks for viewing!  Cheers!  :)

*All images of HAWKEYE are the exclusive property of MARVEL ANIMATION STUDIOS.
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Hey, Troy Baker-- I mean Hawkeye
El-Rey-Chipinque's avatar
Hawkeye's the best! ^^
can you make a black widow please? :)
Haretoshi17's avatar
Looking awesome! Makes me wanna write more slash fics about him.
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
Because I do NOT wanna know.
Phenometron's avatar
He's an excellent archer. ;)
Ashen-Phoenix's avatar
Well, color me impressed. And intrigued. :clap:
ILoveScoutforever's avatar
Hawkeye is my favorite Avengers character.....
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Nice energy.
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I love it.  The angles choices are wonderful.

Your "jump into the deep end" makes me envious.  You delivered great stuff.
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you should make a black widow one like this XD
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Wow!! Love the action poses!
joaonorberto's avatar
COOL! I Want Cap!
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
Why you gotta be callin' me names all the time?  :(
BroHawk's avatar
Nah man!!!
Like"Yo work is...."
You can on occasion be a dope.
But not when you are doing art.;) 
Jerome-K-Moore's avatar
Art who?  I ain't like that, mang.
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You ain't got to lie Craig!
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Do Thor, Iron Man, Falcon, Captain America, Black Widow, & Hulk Next!
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This is too cool for words.
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