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quick concept design for a game that never was
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Looks amazing and very cozy. 
hunterjuly4's avatar
Hauntingly wonderful.
bLueLady09's avatar
huhu i want to live here :')
Gyro-Bot's avatar
Love this background Jeremy. You know that new TinkerBell Fairy movie coming out? I could have sworn this background was in the movie. Pretty sure, your imagery inspired them. Honestly, you should be working in a high profile studio.
jermilex's avatar
you're very kind. The high profile studios have all told me I'm not nearly good enough for them, at least right now. But we'll see.
MMStudiotrademark's avatar
I really love the lighting in this one alone. Nice details too.
jermilex's avatar
Truptii's avatar cute..i could cook whole day and nyt beautiful!!
shravanrawal's avatar
total knowledge of light......sir u hv mastered lighting and interaction of lighting with object.
ArcticIceWolf's avatar
This reminds me of something from a point-and-click adventure....
starwink's avatar
best lighting i've seen in a very long time :) congrats
jermilex's avatar
:dance: thank you very much!
Pchelovek1205's avatar
This spiral is neverhoody, I like it.
xiaoclement's avatar
Amazing, I have a question, if there are the animated charactors or props in this shot, How can you make the bounce lights works? with light link in maya? or parent the light to object? thanks.
jermilex's avatar
yes, either method works. I usually use lighting linking
MajaDalgaard's avatar
Beautiful little details, this looks so cozy and comfy.
jermilex's avatar
thank you kindly!
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