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Battle at the Daily Planet

By jermilex
Another image not done in my normal style, this one as an art test for a studio I was looking to get hired at. Sadly the work was not good enough for the job, but at least I tried. The requirements were to have Superman and Lex Luthor in epic battle in front of a destroyed Daily Planet.
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Wow nice I like this one...
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Good! But I know - Jeremy Vickery can do better by drawing hand, with no mattepainting!
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:) thank you. Yes, I have not figured out a good way to photobash yet to increase speed
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He's gone Captain Planet! S*** JUST GOT REAL! :ohnoes:
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you are most welcome
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Ooh... I don't think it wasn't 'good enough'. You just went in a different direction than what they wanted or expected. 

I know this sounds 'wrong' but it's a shame Superman doesn't kill. 

Lex's suit came with rockets?

So many buildings. You put work into this one. Sorry it didn't work out.
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Yes, Superman would make an amazing villain. Glad you liked this one
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I wasn't going for villain. Good guys sometimes kill bad guys. 
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Who was this job with? DC?
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atomhawk design (
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They seem to have an in with DC and Marvel. I guess they do sub work for them and a others. 
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indeed... they do concept design for loads of games and film. Look at their design for Guardians of the Galaxy. It's amazing
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It couldn't be a problem with your skill at generating a professional level image. If I see a problem, it's that the scene looks posed.
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yes, my character work lacks pretty badly at this point. Oh well
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