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ASCII Winamp



Skin last updated: July 14, 2005
News last updated: November 12, 2005

---No Longer Being Updated---

I tried to include as many ASCII (textmode art) components as possible in this skin. I'm very happy with how it turned out! It doesn't have color, which might turn most Winamp users off. When you make the playlist screen longer you can see some ASCII graphics.

The Readme has more information on how to use the skin. It's designed for use with Winamp Lite.

The current .zip file includes the finalized black-on-white version, the finalized white-on-black version, and a color version which will be upgraded.


Recent (well... not really...) news on ASCII Winamp Skin:

My ASCII Winamp skin has recieved surprising and encouraging popularity! I thank everyone for helping it to reach over 1000 pageviews and over 500 downloads! It also placed 1st in `diamondie's ASCII Art Revolutions contest! I'm so happy... Thank's for holding the contest, `diamondie!

Unfortunately, my computer got unexpectedly formatted recently, and I lost all my files, including the files for the skin. That computer is now in the computer repair shop with its files being recovered. I will of course just download and unzip the one on DeviantART later, but right now I am on an old temporary computer, and won't be updating the skin for a little while.


Thank yous:

-Thank you to jSepia for suggesting I skin Winamp
-Thank you to `diamondie for having a contest which inspired me to make this ascii skin, and for suggesting that I add an inverted edition


- Inverted edition
- Shuffle button edited
- Watermarking (don't worry, if you're not stealing my work you won't see it)
- Updated Readme
- Some ansi graphics added
- Color version
- edits to showing that certain options (i.e Shuffle, Repeat) are activated

Most recent updates:

- Finalized black-on-white and white-on-black version
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