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SpongeBob (Whining)

By Jerikuto
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Spongebob Squarepants

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Credits:

Got permission from Chinese Font Design to use~

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lumberwoodHobbyist General Artist
Spongebob as he learns about the death of Stephen Hillenburg.
Xx-kaylacat-xx's avatar
Xx-kaylacat-xxStudent Digital Artist
noooo poor spongebob
I want to hug him ;-;
SteavyCreeper's avatar
SteavyCreeperStudent Digital Artist
Spongebob Stop! When I cry I get sad :(
egfukiyorev123's avatar
egfukiyorev123Student Artist
Poor spongebob.....he cry like a baby...but his crying voice has CUTE!!!!!!..
i wish has new season 2016  Heart Heart Heart 
DashieGirl45219's avatar
DashieGirl45219Student Digital Artist
Spongebob: Look

Me: Looks At The Picture Frame

Me: Thats Nice.SpongeBob (Spread the love) [V1] 

Squidward Wrecks The Picture Frame

Spongebob:SpongeBob (Whining) 

Me: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE SQUIDWARD???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Squidward: Because I hate spongebob's f**king PICTURE!!!!!! 

I Have This Picture:…
cjrules10576's avatar
cjrules10576Professional Writer
SpongeBob: SpongeBob (Whining) by Jerikuto
Me: I'll cry with you. 1dm7ty by cjrules10576  
Roro102900's avatar
All That Glitters in a nutshell
xXRosettaCookieXx's avatar
xXRosettaCookieXxHobbyist Digital Artist
Me: Yo, Spongebob.

Spongebob: Hey there

Me: You're nothing but a darn piece of sponge.

Spongebob: SpongeBob (Whining) 

Me: JK you're funny spongebob rape face 

Spongebob: SpongeBob (Being Cute) Yay thanks~:love: 
LittleBearCub25's avatar
LittleBearCub25Hobbyist Digital Artist
Spongebob and Patrick: Patrick (Magic Love) SpongeBob (Magic Love) The Magic Love twins are here!!!

Squidwurt: You guys are being idiots.Facepalm

Spongebob: U jealous?spongebob rape face

Squidwurt: Gurl

*he goes into his house*

Squidwurt: WHY CAN'T I HAVE A DREEEEEEEESS!Jake crying plz        SpongeBob (Whining) 
DashieGirl45219's avatar
DashieGirl45219Student Digital Artist
Me: Ahem....
Squidward: Friend Do You Hate Spongebob? Because Hes An Idiot
Me: *Uses Sans's Gaster Blaster*
Squidward: SH*T

Im A Crossover Fan Trash XD
LittleBearCub25's avatar
LittleBearCub25Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh my god, I just re-read the comment you replied to..
(my 14 year old self was so frickin' dumb)

and same :3
DashieGirl45219's avatar
DashieGirl45219Student Digital Artist
because im sans from undertale i liek him alot XD
Objectville2013's avatar
Amelia-SquarePants's avatar
Amelia-SquarePantsHobbyist Filmographer
That's from the movie. Facepalm 
Amelia-SquarePants's avatar
Amelia-SquarePantsHobbyist Filmographer
ewokthedog's avatar
ewokthedogHobbyist Digital Artist
what I do when I don't have enough money to buy Call of Duty Ghosts
Kahishiki's avatar
KahishikiHobbyist Digital Artist
Damn! Sponge Bob was so cuuute! xD Thanks!!
notgrei's avatar
notgreiHobbyist Digital Artist
thats what ye get for stealing ma imagination haha

sho cute tho xD
Jerikuto's avatar
Oh noes loool he's probably whining for not having a good idea how to steal your imaginations XD Ritsu Tainaka (Evil Plan) [V1] 
notgrei's avatar
notgreiHobbyist Digital Artist
haha why you made him cry bro xD
Jerikuto's avatar
Lol he always cry so it's natural for him XD later he's smiling, plotting something lol
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