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:headbang: revamp

My revamp of :headbang:

I tried making him squish to make it look like he bounces more. For some reason the face is a little choppy, I'll fix that later.
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He needs a bottle of wine next to him and his expression will compliment that. :giggle:
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Lol cuter version.
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lol this is awesome XD

(hum.. and a maybe very stupid question: can one use it? :o)
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cool I think it looks quite cute too
zzz99's avatar
i'd so ttly use that emote :D
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A pretty nice one, I like the original's jumbo hands, though. :XD: But, those wouldn't work on this kind of headbanging emote, anyway.
Anyways, nice work, I think it's good. The only real thing is the choppy face, which you said you'll fix, so it's all good for now. :P Oh, and you might wanna try and shade his hands differently, to make it look like he has a thumb (and possibly the rest of his fingers) or something, cause right now it looks like he just has claws sticking out. :bucktooth:
Oh, and by the way, it is possible to jump and do a headbang at the same time, I've done it before. :lmao:
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I updated it :B
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Nice, it looks better.
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Haha okay. I'll try those :P
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i agree with dronie
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Looks like he's humping the ground, Jeriko...^^; xD

Mwahaha...someone save my mind from the gutter! :faint:
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Personally i'm not so fund of the bouncing... remember that headbangers don't bounce when they headbang, cause when they bounce... they can't headbang
Jeriko-X's avatar
Well wait, what if you're at a heavy metal concert? You could be jumping and headbanging.
Droneguard's avatar
Never been to a heavy metal concert :P
Jeriko-X's avatar
Haha, well do you think it's better now?
Droneguard's avatar
it's more headbangie
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