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Project KAI: Mario's Final Release

By JerichoAkemi
The first Quad character; basically a mix between Mario's Alts and Luigi's alts but merged inside Mario's fighter slot
00 - Mario (Default)
01 - Mario (Jotaro Costume)
02 - Mario (Madoka Costume)
03 - Mario (S.S.T.N.)
04 - Mary
05 - Dr. Mario
06 - Luigi (Default)
07 - Luigi (Mr. L)
08 - Luigi (Plague Doctor)
09 - Captain Murasa's Duck
© 2015 - 2021 JerichoAkemi
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Any way to use this in normal Brawl?
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I need a picture of Jotaro Mario in my life, please is there any way i can jut a picture of him in those pose he is in now?
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Jotaro Mario?! Holy mama-mia! That's Yawrey-Yawrey-Dazee!