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your characters are normally good. but is this good enough to overwrite the glitchy naruto that seems to have currupted my ike files?
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if you're using brawlEx, yes, I guess it most fix it because I'm using an edit of that Naruto PSA which has de-cloned gfx so it can be used against a regular ike or another ike clone without having those glitches.
I don't know f the default Ike must have an edit like that too tho, test it out and if you want I can give you the fitike.pac I use
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i only can use this model over ike? or can i use it in another character?
i dont know how :C
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You have to use it over ike only, using all the provided files
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on brawl vault it says its a custom character. So if it can be put over ike it should be able to be put over anyone. as long as they have the same amount of files.
are you  ever going to release the sol badguy model you posted a while back on facebook
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Maybe I forgot to explain what happened to that but I never finished it because the mapping is impossible and the incluided face model is horrible
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Nice job man~ Wink 

Just wondering, from which character did you clone him from?
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No Problem Man i like Your Creations BTW
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