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What creatures should I put in the background of this?… 

19 deviants said Hooded wraiths (made of black smoke)
18 deviants said Baby dragons
16 deviants said Glowing green ghosts
14 deviants said Orcs

My Art List

I'm going to paint some of the following ideas. I'll also be making some art in my main style. If you know of any popular characters with a complex outfit, let me know and I'll think about drawing them.

Tomb Raider red dress redraw DONE!
Bowser as a human prince DONE!
T'challa portrait painting DONE!
The Sorceress - a painting DONE!
Elf Mage - a painting DONE!
Rework background of old Azula artwork DONE!
Improve Emma Frost x Scott Summers art DONE!
Geralt, The Witcher (fighting vampires)DONE!
Ms Marvel with fix ups DONE!
Catwoman DONE!
Falcon - painting DONE!
Captain Marvel (movie version) DONE!
• Add real sword to the Carpathian vs Vampire artwork
• Buffy The Vampire Slayer - montage In Progress
• Mermaid - painting
• The Flash - big montage
• The Flash - Barry and Iris - romance
• Rogue punching out a Sentinel
• Arya Stark - painting
• Professor Charles Xavier (portrait of Patrick Stewart)
• Wonder Woman - painting
• Elf swordsman In Progress
• Mara Jade vs Storm Troopers
• Master Chief (no helmet, talking to Cortana), aliens lurking in the background
• Tifa vs Elana (of the Turks)
• The Matrix (Neo and Trinity)
• Gandalf on the white horse - painting
• Fantastic Beasts - Queenie and Jacob, romantic scene
• Fantastic Beasts - Newt Salamander talking to the little plant creature
• Ciri (fighting zombies or werewolves)
• Sigourney Weaver (portrait or action shot)
• Lara Croft in Area 51 outfit - painting
• Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson portrait or action shot)
• Captain America vs Winter Soldier (redraw of a badly done artwork)
• Epic (MC female and MC male riding that bird)
• Angel and Buffy romantic pose
• Xena vs Callisto
• Mileena, Mortal Kombat X
• Night Crawler (X-men movie: Apocalypse)
• Superman (from Superman Returns)
• The Flash (from the TV series)
• Robocop (from the reboot movie)
• Avatar (by James Cameron)
• Antman 2 fan art
• Tarzan and Jane (from the Disney version)
• Spirit
• Superman flying with Supergirl
• Gandalf vs Sauruman - painting
• Eowyn vs King Wraith - painting
• Loki with glowing blue staff (doing what?)
• The Guardians of the Galaxy 1 (montage)
• The Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (montage)

Avatar Last Airbender art:
- Aang vs the Fire Lord
- Katara vs Azula
- Toph throwing rocks

Legend of Korra:
- Korra vs Kuvira the great uniter (in the control room of the giant robot)
- Montage with Tenzin, Pema and the airbender kids (season three or four)

Halloween art ideas:
- Vampires (male & female)
- Ghosts
- Zombies
- Werewolves
- Witch
- Sorcerer
- Skeletons
- Zombie pirates
- Zombie princess
- Graveyard necromancer

Harry Potter ideas:
I won't draw them all at once, I'll mix them up with the other art.
- vs the Basilisk (the giant snake)
- vs dementors (one or more of them)
- and friends sitting in Hagrid's hut having tea
- vs Voldermort
- and friends sitting in the common room studying
- and friends on the dragon escaping the bank with the horcrux
- and Hedwig (Hedwig has a message)
- vs Malfoy
- on a broom reaching for the golden snitch



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All rights reserved. You are NOT allowed to use, edit, publish, transmit or claim any of my artwork as your own work. My art is for display purposes only. Please do not download.

My Blog
My DA gallery contains the best of my best work. To view my older work visit:

About this gallery
Most of my art is PG-13 with the exception of three that are are a bit bloody.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you take commissions?
No, I'm a hobbyist. I have no plans to make money off my art.

Why not?
I have too many health problems to survive in such a deadline driven industry. Please don't note me to try and change my mind.

What health problems?
I'd rather not discuss them.

Do you do art trades or requests?
Not at the moment. I'm totally immersed in learning how to paint better.

Why didn't you watch me back?
I watch and fav the art of a mix of intermediate to advanced artists. I look for people of all levels who go all out with their art, even if it isn't elite stuff, and sometimes those who show rapid improvement in their gallery because I find it inspiring. I may not have watched you back at this moment but this doesn't mean I won't in the future. Also, I don't watch people who use doll maker programs or those who make a lot of art that requires a mature filter.

Do you have any tutorials?
I have a folder with one walkthrough. I'll be adding more to it as time goes by:…

I have some sketches in my scraps folder:…

I'm currently working on:
Buffy Montage - Sketch by JericaWinters Elf Swordsman by JericaWinters

This is where the magic happens, version II
This is where the magic happens! Version II by JericaWinters


I found a great set of tutorials on youtube (each lesson is 10 minutes long). Episode 3 covers my main weakness—edges. I need to rough them up a bit so my work doesn't look so artificial. Here's the first episode:


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