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My Art List

:la: This list will keep me busy in 2019, 2020 and beyond!

Tomb Raider red dress redraw DONE!
Bowser as a human prince DONE!
• Catwoman (in progress)
Rework background of old Azula artwork DONE!
• The first phoenix (Chinese inspired design)
• Rogue punching out a Sentinel
Improve Emma Frost x Scott Summers art DONE!
• Add sword to the Carpathian artwork!
• Tifa vs Elana (of the Turks)
• Master Chief (no helmet, talking to Cortana), aliens lurking in the background
• The Matrix (Neo and Trinity fighting swat team)
• Mara Jade jumps across buildings
• Mermaid
• Captain Marvel (movie version)
• Avatar Last Airbender art:
- Aang vs the Fire Lord
- Katara vs Azula
- Toph throwing rocks
• Legend of Korra:
- Korra vs Kuvira the great uniter (in the control room of the giant robot)
- Montage with Tenzin, Pema and the airbender kids (season three or four)
• Gandalf vs Sauruman
• Gandalf on the white horse
• Eowyn vs King Wraith (about to bring the sword down)
• Loki with glowing blue staff (doing what?)
• The Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (montage)
• Fantastic Beasts and where to find them (main character sneaking up behind magical creature at jewelry store)
• The Witcher (fighting werewolves)
• Ciri (fighting zombies)
• Geralt and Ciri surrounded by witches or vampires.
Halloween art ideas:
- Vampires (male & female)
- Ghosts
- Zombies
- Werewolves
- Witch
- Sorcerer
- Skeletons
- Zombie pirates
- Zombie princess
- Graveyard necromancer
• Lara Croft in Area 51 outfit (Lara vs soldiers, night scene, red lasers from guns. Very cool!)
• Nick Fury and Maria Hill (gun fight aboard that big helicopter)
• Captain America vs Winter Soldier (redraw of a badly done artwork)
• Jackie Chan vs Ninjas
• Epic (MC female and MC male riding that bird)
• Buffy the Vampire Slayer
- Angel and Buffy romantic pose (snow falling, no sun)
- Buffy verus zombie creature at the end of season four
- Buffy and Spike fighting uber vampires (end of season 7)
• Blade (I haven't seen this movie yet)
• Xena vs Callisto
• Mileena art? Mortal Kombat X
• Night Crawler (X-men:Evo) saving two children, jumping off a house that's on fire
• Superman (from Superman returns)
• The Flash (from the TV series)
• Robocop? (from the reboot movie)
• Avatar (by James Cameron)
• Aliens, Ripley holding Newt, standing in front of the queen, surrounded by eggs. :o
• The Darkest Minds, montage (YA Movie fanart)
• Antman 2 fan art?
• Tarzan and Jane (from the Disney version)
• Spirit (Male main character riding on the Horse)

Extra Brain Storming Ideas:
• Deadpool riding an alien (with Sigourney Weaver racing on her own alien behind him).
• Men in Black surrounded by the creatures from Monster Inc.
• Men in Black at a bar with the monsters from Monsters vs Aliens
• Pacific Rim fan art (try some mecha art, Jerica. It won't bite you!)
• Avril Lavigne as a mermaid (she can't drown if she's a mermaid)
• Superman flying with Supergirl

Harry Potter ideas
I won't draw them all at once, I'll mix them up with the other art.
• vs the Basilisk (the giant snake)
• vs dementors (one or more of them)
• and friends sitting in Hagrid's hut having tea
• vs Voldermort
• and friends sitting in the common room studying
• and friends on the dragon escaping the bank with the horcrux
• and Hedwig (Hedwig has a message)
• vs Malfoy
• on a broom reaching for the golden snitch

Any suggestions? Feel free to send me a note. :)



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My Blog
My DA gallery contains the best of my best work. To view my other work (I have another 190 images on Blogger) please visit:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you take commissions?
No, I'm just a hobbyist. I have no plans to making a living off my art.

Why not?
I have too many health problems to survive in such a deadline driven industry.

What health problems?
I'd rather not discuss them.

Do you do art trades or requests?
I might do a trade or request if I like the design of the OC you want me to draw or trade for, and if it's super detailed and challenging. I'm also thinking of making art for points once I run out of the points I have. I like to give them out people who fav many of my artworks.

How detailed does an artwork need to be before you'll accept a trade or request?
I like costumes with the detail shown below (or even more detail but not so much that it's ridiculous):
Kitana - Mortal Kombat by JericaWinters Jedi Master Ocanari by JericaWinters Tomb Raider Reborn by JericaWinters JetDancer by JericaWinters

Can I critique one or more of your artworks?
Well, I've been a perfectionist in the past and haven't always responded to crits the way I should. I've tried to improve since then. So, yes, feel free to critique, but please be constructive and also remember that an artist doesn't have to take any advice you give them so please don't get all pissed off if I didn't apply your advice (i.e. making fun of me and saying things like, "Didn't I already tell you that!?? Didn't I already say that the last time!!!?" Exclamation marks make it look like the critiquer is pissed off). So let me repeat: I do NOT have to take any advice if I don't want to. Though I'll take advice if it sounds good and on the mark. Also, if I didn't do what you said I should, maybe I just don't like your work or style so I didn't take your opinion as god's word. Deal with it and move on.

Also, don't expect anyone to be receptive to critiques if you recently insulted them in argument. Giving them a negative, full-of-ridicule critique after the argument just makes it look like a revenge crit, and reveals that the critiquer is in fact an insecure moron who's out to bolster their low self esteem. So, don't stoop to this putrid level.

Lastly, I learn best from tutorials. If you've found a good one, please send me the DA link in a note.

What is a constructive critique?
In my opinion, a constructive critique is well worded and professional. For example, if someone has painted something and it looks soft, just say it looks too soft. There's no need to say it looks like it went through the dryer with a sheet of fabric softener (just so you can get some laughs out of everyone in the chat room). If an artist over-did the cross-hatching on an illustration of a woman, just say they over worked the shading. There's no need to say she has a beard. Don't insert a "lol" after your ridicule. It's not funny to the artist. Stand up comedy is not a good critique. A good critique mentions strengths and weakness of an artwork and doesn't go on for too long. Give an artist a few things at a time. There's no need to overwhelm someone. Don't prattle on ad nauseum like it's some fault finding festival.

Many may disagree with this but let me explain my reasoning: I think it's more important for an artist to continue to make art than to be made to feel as though they should quit. People thrive with support and encouragement. Art should be enjoyable. Learning should be enjoyable. Give artists respect and they'll respect you. What I just wrote is based on my past mistakes and my knowledge of human nature. Take it or leave it...

Why didn't you watch me back?
I watch and fav the art of a mix of intermediate to advanced artists. I look for people of all levels who go all out with their art, even if it isn't elite stuff, and sometimes those who show rapid improvement in their gallery because I find it inspiring. I may not have watched you back at this moment but this doesn't mean I won't in the future.

What does your workspace look like?
This is where the magic happens!
This is where the magic happens by JericaWinters


Hi True Believers! :spidey:
I uploaded a Mary Jane cosplay avatar. For those that don't know who she is, she's Spider-Man's love interest in the comics and in the first set of movies. Many people voted for it in the poll. I enlarged the pendant a bit because it was too small to see clearly. It's not that big in real.
I updated my FAQ list (Frequently Asked Questions). It's on my profile page if anyone wants to read it. Let me know if parts of it sound too opinionated and harsh. Have a great day!

Should I change my avatar to M.J. (Mary Jane from Spider-Man) cosplay? I have a photo with me in an orange wig and Spider-Man necklace... 

27 deviants said Yes! Do it for Marvel! :spidey:
No deviants said No, it's confusing when people change avatars too frequently.


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