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Richard Castle

By JeremyTreece
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Quick study of Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle for a warm up.
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MasroorWCW's avatar
Yeeee this is awesome!!!!!!
TheGothicWriter's avatar
This is quite good.
lullabyphoenix's avatar
nice work! really beautiful!
Lidstir's avatar
Love the style. it looks so cool!
Toxic-Innocence's avatar
omfg...I love your style!
ascorbic-when's avatar
He looks much more sophisticated, like the quintessential English gentlemen. Brilliant work! :D
erlandex's avatar
Man, i like very much of the your pictures :D Congratz ;]
Purple-Wyvern's avatar
Oh wow, Epic pic is epic :3
DouggieDoo's avatar
Researching pics for my own Castle drawing and came across this. Pretty cool.
Anlath-Callan's avatar
This is great. Stylish and simple. Love it!
caged-disorder's avatar
Damn I just wanted to comment on this pic before I forget, I can't tell you how much I love the paint texture you used for his skin~ and the splatters in his hair and the faint sketch you can see through his face Auuugh <333 this is really something else the style ffff - can't find words -
madzalittlepungk's avatar
Rapsody's avatar
He is ruggedly handsome :D
only-dancers-fly's avatar
i love this show! great job! :D
SnakeoilSage's avatar
There's a witty retort in that smirk, just waiting for the first jab to come his way.
futeki's avatar
Pretty darn good study! But I thought his hair was a little more blond. I could be wrong,my tv is kinda crappy. lol great work though.
make-up-magick's avatar
Ah Castle so rakish!
happymonkeyshoes's avatar
Nice one, though I would argue that Fillion as a wider face.
DamnedSpot's avatar
So much win in this picture. Very nicely done! Loving the style, and you really captured Castle's self-assured attitude.
JeremyTreece's avatar
Thanks for the comment! Fillion is a tough cookie to crack as far as his features come. Lots of erasing on this one. Then I found that the details are in his eyes.

Plan on doing a good pinup with Beckett as well. :)
I couldn't recognize Castle in this one. Sorry.
DamnedSpot's avatar
This is very true. I think you did a great job capturing the essence and attitude, which is probably a better idea than focusing on Fillion's specific facial features. You're right about the eyes though, that detail is spot on and really makes it recognizable.
Castle and Beckett pinup?! Gosh golly gee! I'm following you now >.>
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