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Northern grasslands

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This is really amazing!
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wow this is pretty! Can I use this as a reference for my landscape practice? I won't re-draw everything exactly like this beautiful piece, but I imagined dragon and big big castle tho.. with your permission and the credit of reference is yours of course.
merkachi's avatar
wonderful composition :)
I'll chime in, this reminds me of Krull
JeremyPaillotin's avatar
never heard of it before, but thanks I guess :)
 It's Star Wars knock off from the mid 80's.…
Lots of fond memories of that movie
Aelfrey's avatar
Reminds me of Minas Tirith.
JeremyPaillotin's avatar
yeah Lotr has always a huge influence on me, thanks !
WineInAnOpenWound's avatar
Reminds me of the Imperial city from Oblivion.
DenitaTwoDragons's avatar
I was about to say the same thing! With the big bridge and the White-Gold Tower right there!
JeremyPaillotin's avatar
There's a bit of that in there for sure !
peach159's avatar
is this from a book??
it kinda reminds me of the book east
i like it tho Clap 
JeremyPaillotin's avatar
never heard of that book before so no, but thank you !
Sort of reminds me of The Lorax. I like it
JeremyPaillotin's avatar
Definitely didn't think of that when I was painting it, but thanks !
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This is just great!
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